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Research Management and Administration Conference

17 Nov, 2019 | Return|

The Deanship of Research at Sultan Qaboos University will hold the “Research Management and Administration Conference: Sharing Best Practices” from 21 to 22 of October 2019. Sultan Qaboos University has a strong and highly skilled research management and administration structure and function. With a strong record of accomplishment of proven expertise in these areas, the University is well placed to host a conference on international best practices in research management and administration. The conference will provide a forum for research management and administration professionals, researchers and educators from across the world to share best practices in research management and administration, to discuss issues and challenges currently facing research management and to identify collaborative venues for addressing relevant issues

The objectives of the conference include sharing the best practices in research management and administration; identifying challenges and issues facing research management and administration; providing a forum for an informed discussion of issues related to research culture, norms and values; and exploring international approaches to quantify and monitor quality and impact of research.

Four themes will be addressed in the conference and these are Quality and Efficiency of Research Management; Competitiveness and research Funding; Research Capacity Building; and Research Impact and Effectiveness.

The deadline for abstract submission is 15 Oct 2018 and that for submitting the full paper is 28 Feb 2019. More details about the conference is available from the Deanship of Research at Sultan Qaboos University.

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