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18 Nov, 2019 | Return|

Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) has signed a research cooperation program with Tawasul Charity Foundation (Tawasul). The program aims at exploring cooperation opportunities in the areas of research, training, and development. It focuses on building human capacities, raising awareness, and exchanging and disseminating knowledge related to various aspects of design and implementation initiatives in sustainable community investment and social and economic development in Duqm in particular and Al Wusta Governorate in general. Under the agreement, SQU and Tawasul seek to develop a strategy for community development in the Duqm region.

As per the agreement, the two parties intend to achieve these goals by cooperating on various activities, including joint research projects, capacity building initiatives, symposiums, seminars, training sessions, panel discussions, round-table discussions, and knowledge sharing programs. Further, SQU has agreed to act as Tawasul’s research and development arm through the university’s Omani Studies Center. The agreement encompasses such courses of action as conducting research consultations and developing programs for Tawasul as required.

Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Dr. Rahma Al-Mahrooqi, SQU’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies & Research, said, “The signing of this agreement is part of an attempt by both parties to ensure the alignment of efforts between the academic and research sectors and various other sectors of Omani society, and especially those related to the country’s sustainable social and economic development. Duqm has become a vital region characterized by growing economic activity, and many people count on it for building a better future for Oman. SQU is the traditional house of expertise in Oman, and part of its mission is to develop society and provide it with the expertise that enables it to grow rapidly and keep pace with the latest developments in the fields of technology, science and so on. We are pleased that the university will act as the research arm and that it will cooperate with Tawasul Foundation to carry out the research required by the Special Economic Zone at Duqm. This cooperation will also help build human capacities that will ensure the qualifications of cadres working in the region and its residents in order to achieve the social responsibility that Tawasul prioritizes in the country.”