Training at the Student Counseling Center

Training Department:

The Training Department is responsible for managing training programs, workshops and scientific seminars for the local university community that the center provides in the context of upgrading the profession, whether for the center’s specialists through the professional development program, or for the local community through a package of training programs to qualify specialists to provide psychological counseling services and raise their efficiency, and the center performs its mission through:

1. Surveying and determining the training needs of the university and local community in the relevant psychological fields, and submitting suggestions for training courses, scientific workshops and seminars in proportion to these needs.

2. Supervising undergraduate and master's students in practical training courses in the field of counseling, in coordination with the Center's Counseling Department and the Psychology Department at the College of Education.

3. Managing and supervising postgraduate students support programs in related disciplines in terms of research consultations, standards arbitration, group counseling programs and participation in the arbitration of scientific theses.

4. Organizing rehabilitation programs for specialists in providing psychological counseling services for masters and doctorate holders in the field of psychological counseling through practical field preparation for them, and working on providing them with the various counseling skills necessary for individual counseling, group counseling, and diagnosis.

5. Professional growth programs for the staff of the Student Counseling Center to raise the efficiency of specialists in providing counseling services at the Center, and to exchange experiences and knowledge among them through training workshops and discussion groups.


To contact the Training Department:

Muhammad Al-Abri: 24143141

Huda Al-Badaai: 2414289