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Dr. Zahra Al Lawati

Welcome to the Center for Preparatory Studies (CPS) at Sultan Qaboos University, formerly known as the Language Center, since its establishment in 1986. The center has witnessed several phases over the years, until it flourished into the Center for Preparatory Studies in 2016. The CPS offers two main programs:
1. The Foundation Program (FP).
2. The Credit English Language Program (CELP).
The Foundation Program is designed according to the standards of the Oman Authority for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Education. It includes English Language, Mathematics, Information Technology, and Study Skills. The program aims to:
  • Improve FP students’ English Language proficiency with a focus on technical applications in preparation for university studies.
  • Enhance basic knowledge of mathematical and analytical techniques, as well as problem-solving skills.
  • Promote knowledge of fundamental computer science applications.
  • Integrate necessary study and life skills for effective learning and development during the study years.
Students can complete the Foundation Program by successfully studying the courses and passing the exams, or by providing equivalent certificates for English Language (IELTS), and (IC3/ICDL) for Information Technology. The maximum duration for staying in the FP is two
years. As for the credit courses, these are English Language courses that support various college majors to equip students with language skills, terminology, vocabulary, and text types used in their fields of study. The required courses are offered on a credit-hour basis, and students can study these after completing the Foundation Program. We encourage our students to sharpen their skills and make the utmost use of the courses offered by the center, which will certainly facilitate their smooth transition to their upcoming academic major/specialization. We are fully prepared to address your inquiries and assist you in overcoming any challenges you may face during your time at the university. Wishing you continued success and excellence in your academic journey.
Dr. Zahra Al-Lawati

Director of the Centre for Preparatory Studies