Dr. Badria Ibrahim Al Shihi

The Director’s Welcome Note!

’Marhaba’ and welcome to Sultan Qaboos University Foundation Program (FP). The Foundation Program started in 2010 with the main goals of:

  • Improving your English language proficiency, with some emphasis on college applications in preparation for your undergraduate courses.
  • Reinforcing the knowledge of basic mathematical and analytical techniques that are considered necessary for enhancing your problem-solving skills.
  • consolidating the knowledge of basic applications of computer science as a means towards effective learning and interaction.
  • integrating the necessary study skills needed to effectively adapt, learn and thrive through your years of study.

The program courses have been designed according to Oman Academic Standards that were published by the Oman Authority for Academic Accreditation in the form of learning outcomes for English, Mathematics, Information Technology and Study Skills.

A student can fulfill the Foundation Program requirements by presenting an equivalent qualification, passing the exit test, or attending and passing these courses. I encourage students to maximize their benefit from the FP courses in order to have a smooth transition to their upcoming specialization courses.

My best wishes go to all our hard-working students, who have proven through the years, that they can overcome most difficulties, and meritoriously shine in their studies and careers.