The Centre of Preparatory Studies (CPS) is committed to providing a high quality preparatory program that develops in the students the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for success in their respective colleges. It provides students with the necessary language, technical and life skills to enter, participate and thrive in their academic undergraduate programs. 


The CPS will provide a creative, co-operative and flexible environment in which students and staff can learn, grow and fulfil their potential.



The main objective of the Preparatory Studies Program (PSP) is to prepare students to undertake undergraduate education, In particular the program shall: 

  • Equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills necessary for undertaking university education. 
  • Provide students with sufficient analytical skills and knowledge in the areas of study. 
  • Improve the efficiency of teaching and learning through students’ independent learning 
  • Provide quality education in English language, Arabic Language, Mathematics, Information Technology, and Life Skills. 
  • Develop well-defined assessment criteria for the placement and exit tests and PSP courses. 
  • Implement appropriate internal quality assurance processes for teaching and assessment processes. 
  • Provide the resources (teaching and support services) needed for the various activities of the PSP. 


  • Student focus: Students shall be placed at the center of the activities, emphasizing their academic and social development. 
  • Integration of knowledge and practice: Teachers shall constantly apply the most effective teaching methodologies into their teaching. 
  • Reflective practice: Students and teachers shall engage in reflective practice whereby they reflect on the learning and teaching process and refine their practices accordingly. 
  • Independent learning: Teachers shall help learners gradually develop independence and responsibility for their learning.