Call for public submission

Oman Academic Accreditation Authority

The OAAA will visit the Centre for Preparatory Studies, SQU for a GFP Quality Audit from 25th to 27th March, 2019. The primary purpose of this visit is to inform the public about the quality of our GFP and help us better prepare our students for their college studies. This visit will lead to the publication of the GFP Quality Audit Report.

In order to facilitate the process, the GFP Quality Audit Panel invites submissions, from interested person(s), on any issues relevant to the SQU’s GFP Quality Audit.

Submissions are subjected to the following terms and conditions:

  • All submissions must be sent directly to the GFP Quality Audit Review Director, Dr. Lejla Vrazalic (
  • All submissions will be treated in strict confidence.
  • All submissions must have the name, position and contact details. Anonymous submissions will not be entertained.
  • The person(s) must be willing to attend a telephonic interview with the GFP Quality Audit Panel, if required.
  • The submission should address issues/activities related to GFP at SQU, along with specific evidence for claims made. Unsubstantiated claims, allegations and personal grievances are not to be included.
  • The submission (excluding supporting evidence) should not exceed 1000 words.

For any further information about SQU’s preparation for the GFP Quality Audit, staff and students of SQU may contact Hon. Dr. Badria Al Shihi, Director of Centre for Preparatory Studies, at

For more general inquiries about the OAAA or the GFP Quality Audit, please contact Dr.Lejla Vrazalic, the GFP Quality Audit Review Director on or visit