Community Services
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The Center for Preparatory Studies (CPS) extends its teaching services by sharing knowledge and expertise with the community within and beyond SQU. Its implementation is carried out through the Sustainable Development Unit. The unit's community engagement is actualized through diverse training courses and academic programs. The Unit collaborates with the Centre for Community Service and Continuing Education, SQU, and other national organizations to achieve its objectives.

The SDU's services are in harmony with the 'community engagement element of the university's mission, as outlined in the SQU Charter (Article 4), i.e. 

“To excel in teaching and learning… and community service … in a collegial and stimulating environment and participate in the production, development, and dissemination of knowledge and interact with national and international communities". (SQU Charter, Article 4)

The SDU’s endeavours to provide services which are also aligned with enabler 4.5 Community Engagement and relevant strategies A, B, and C of the strategic plan 2016- 2040 (p.30- 31) [SQU Strategic Plan, 2016-2040], which is as follows 

"To expand the university's role in socio-economic development through effective partnerships" (Strategic Plan, 2016- 2040, p. 30). 

As an academic unit, the CPS encourages its staff to engage in community service. This approach to community service is also reflected in criteria two of the CPS Promotion document. 


The SDU actively engages with the wider community through targeted outreach by offering different courses

  • To offer specific courses, the Head of SDU approaches the community (e-mails, phone calls, personal visits, etc.) for specific courses. (English for Workplace for College of Sharia Sciences, Al Khuwair). 

  • For the contractual courses, the CPS receives requests from various organizations around Oman to offer programs/courses for their employees. In response to such requests, DDPDR drafts agreements and liaises with SQU administration and the concerned organization to ensure that courses are delivered per the agreements signed (MoE, ROP, Aviation Program, etc.). 

These programs/courses are designed with the involvement of DDPDR, Head, SDU, Head, Central Curriculum Committee, course designers, and the concerned stakeholders through meetings and continuous communication. 


Since its inception, in 2011, the SDU has offered a spectrum of programs and courses, including staff development courses, aviation programs, and specialized training courses. These initiatives, in line with SQU's Strategic Plan, have contributed to the university's overarching objectives. 

In line with initiatives of strategies A, B, and C of the university's Strategic Plan 2016-2040,  the SDU has successfully conducted training programs and courses during the past years. Some of these courses are:

  • Staff Development Courses for the SQU Staff

  • Aviation Program for Oman Aviation Academy Pilots 

  • Principles of ELT and Teaching Methodologies Courses for Royal Oman Police (ROP)

  • Senior English Teachers and Supervisors Course for the Ministry of Education (MoE)

  • English for Workplace for College of Sharia Sciences Administrative Staff



The SDU, responsive to community needs, extends its activities to include civic initiatives such as beach cleaning and relief efforts for global humanitarian crises, exemplifying the unit's commitment to holistic community development.

Some of the activities undertaken in the recent past are:

  • Al Seeb Beach Cleaning by the CPS administrative and Academic Staff

  • Relief Activities of Syrian and Turkish Earthquake Victims








Head: Dr Mohammad Athar Khan


Members: The SDU continually recruits members for training and courses, aligning with SQU’s

mission to foster community services.