Extra-Curricular Activities and Self-Access Center

Extra-Curricular Activities and Self-Access Center

Extra-Curricular Activities and Self-Access Center is a place where students can find a space to do extra practice on their language skills. The main aim of self-access is to encourage independent learning in a comfortable environment. It also helps students find suitable materials for their portfolios and learning reflections.

The aim of extra-curricular activities is to organize and promote clubs and projects for the FP students to practice their skills beyond the classroom environment. It also aims to uncover students’ talents as swell as build their confidence. It also provides learning opportunities that are diverse, interesting, exciting and fun.  


How students can benefit 

  • Students can borrow different skills books and DVDs for two weeks. The self-access uses the same oracle system used in the CPS library. Students are also provided with a photocopying machine and a scanner so that they can photocopy or scan any specific materials from the center.

  • Apart from skills books and DVDs, students can also use several worksheets. These are worksheets of different skills including grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking, which are divided up into low and high levels. Recently, some IT instructions were also added. Also, students can sit and use the available computers either to do the listening exercises, or to complete their online research or homework.


Available materials & services


  • Skills books (can be borrowed)

  • Books with DVDs (can be borrowed)

  • SRAs: for reading and vocabulary (cannot be borrowed)

  • Hotbox: grammar exercises with answers.

  • Worksheets: all skills including IT. They change regularly. 

  • Online resources cards (all skills/ new) 

  • National Geographic footprints (reading and listening) 


  • Photocopying and scanning

  • Computers for students

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • ECA Clubs: Students can attend different clubs that can probably meet their interests as well as their needs. It has been one of the basic objectives of ECA to have a variety of clubs in order to cater for different students’ needs. Through attending such clubs, students are allowed to practice their English in less pressure and in a more enjoyable way. Attending such activities also allows students to complete their learning reflections required by their different classes. 

  • ECA Events: ECA organizes some special events such as open days. The main purpose of such events is to give students a chance to practice their speaking skills, and they also allow students the opportunity to harness their talents and their leadership and organizational skills.

Special Events

  • Spring 2016: ECA Exhibition

    This was held the same date of University Open Day which took place on May 2, 2016. It was organized as an exhibition that showcased all ECA clubs. It was organized by the ECA volunteering group under the supervision of the ECA Coordinator. It is worth mentioning that besides the ECA clubs, the exhibition also gave a chance to other units to represent their work such as the Writing and Tutorial Center, the Self-Access and Library, and the Curriculum Unit.

  • Fall 2016: ECA Open Day

    This took place on December 5, 2016. It was organized by the ECA volunteering group under the supervision of ECA Coordinator. The event was organized under theme of the 46th National Day. It consisted of several events such as speeches, competitions, showcases and displays, videos, and musical pieces. 



ECA Volunteering Group

The aim of this group is to encourage students to participate in some voluntary work at CPS, such as the ECA exhibitions and open days. It also gives students a chance to do some activities outside the classroom, such as leading a club. All students are welcome to be part of this group, and no specific requirements are needed. All participants receive a certificate of participation and a gift at the end of each semester.     





  • Umaima AL-Kharousi : ECA Assistant  


ECA & SA Center, CPS, Ground Floor.


  • Maryam Al-Breiki: Self-Access Assistant 



Working Hours:

  • Sunday-Wednesday: 8 am – 4 pm 

  • Thursday: 8 am—1pm

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