imgSQU Hosts Omani Moot Court Competition 28-31 march 2019
SQU Hosts Omani Moot Court Competition 28-31 march 2019
img SQU Arbitration Day on “Elements of Successful Institutional Arbitration” on 19 March 2019
SQU Arbitration Day on “Elements of Successful Institutional Arbitration” on 19 March 2019
imgOman National Day
Oman National Day 49

Dean’s speech

I have the pleasure to welcome you to the College of Law at Sultan Qaboos University, which is a shining star of legal education in the Sultanate of Oman. The College was honoured by joining Sultan Qaboos University academic programs, the Omani university which bears the name of the engineer of the renaissance of modern Oman, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may Allah guards and blesses him, who has led the education since he took the reins of our beloved country. His famous saying "we will teach our children, even under the shade of trees." was very inspiring to all Omani individuals. The vision and mission of this college have been drawing vividly its objectives, setting up its strategic and operational plans and more importantly, formulating and forming its learning outcomes; to be orchestrated with the national, regional and international market needs. Our ambition is to become the leading legal education provider in the region, well equipped with modern infrastructure, managed by highly qualified human resources, supported by talented academic staff and having access to the all available up-to-date sources of knowledge. The College of Law spares no effort in providing all aspects of support that enable its students to invest their abilities and energies in obtaining their needs regarding scientific and legal knowledge. This support is intended to empower them to continue enhancing, independently, their prospective practice and play the pre-planned role in the country development. Additionally, the college utilizes the expertise of its academic staff members and the activities of its volunteer students and graduates in promoting the legal scientific research and community service inside and outside the university to play its natural role of maintaining and magnifying the body of knowledge. I welcome you once again and look forward to interacting with your contributions and opinions. Hist

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