Health Care Services

Sultan Qaboos University offers free health care to all international students at the University Hospital and family clinic (FAMCO). International students are responsible for any treatment costs incurred by seeking outside healthcare services.

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Catering Services

Sultan Qaboos University provides a payable student catering service for all postgraduate students, including international students, during the weekdays (except Fridays and Saturdays).

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Internet Access
The University provides intranet and internet server support for email and website hosting. Postgraduate students can get internet access from the CIS (Center for Information Systems). SQU web resources can be accessed on and off campus. In addition, WiFi service is available to all students.



Transportation inside the university campus is available and free. There are buses for male and female students, each with designated bus stops (please refer to the map for the routes). Mini-buses with SQU logos are also freely available every 15 minutes. Also available for people going from SQU Hospital to FAMCO Clinic.

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The University has one main and two specialized libraries (medical and business). In addition, there are four (4) supporting libraries in the colleges and the Mosque. SQU’s libraries provide physical collections as well as electronic resources via the campus network, the Internet, and inter-library loan service. The university library system currently includes about 300,000 volumes, about 1,014 printed magazines, 9,706 audio-visual materials, 18,600 electronic magazines, 50,000 electronic books, and about twenty-seven databases.