About Radiology & Molecular Imaging

The Department of Radiology offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnostic radiology and image-guided interventional services, at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital and College of medicine and health Sciences; center for excellence in healthcare, biomedical research, and medical education.  Radiology is a rapidly evolving field with a great potential for collaborative work across many medical specialties, which enables our staff to provide comprehensive educational experiences for students and residents that reach beyond the reporting room. The specialized diagnostic services include Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Vascular & Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine (NM) and PET/CT, Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasound (US), Mammography and Medical Physics (Calibration of Radiation Equipment, Research, etc.) as well as routine Radiographic Imaging.

To be a center of excellence in providing high quality care to patients through use of evidence based diagnostic medical imaging and therapeutic intervention, to promote medical sciences by integrating clinical expertise with research, and to provide high quality teaching to medical professionals.

  •     To provide advanced diagnostic imaging services and therapeutic procedures of consistently high quality.

  •     To operate at the highest international standards of patient care, radiation safety and clinical practice.

  •     To provide undergraduate and post graduate medical professional with high quality education in radiology
  •     To establish and maintain an environment where research performance and improvement practices can be pursued