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The College Administration is the focal point of activities between the various Departments and the main University Administration. It consists of the Office of the Dean, the Director of Administration, four Assistant Deans (Preclinical, Clinical, Postgraduates Studies & Research, and Training & Community Service) and Administrative staff.


The College Administration is located on the first floor of the College of Medicine (room 1001 & 1045), deal with all non-academic duties of the College of Medicine




Mr. Nadeem Salim Abdullah Al- Zadjali
Administrative  Director


1- Leave Application Form (Arabic English)

2- Return From Leave( Arabic / English)

3- Request For Labors( Arabic English)

4- Request For Printer's Cartridge  (English)

5- Consumable Requisition Form (English

6-Ticket Requisition( Arabic- English)

7- Ticket Reimbursement Form( Arabic / English)

8- Overtime Form (Arabic)

9- Audio/ Visual Support CET , For Conference & Workshop (Arabic)

10- University Campus Entry Pass Request Form (Arabic / English)

11- Request For Gate Pass Key Form (Arabic)  

12- Attending Conference Request Form (Arabic / English )

13- Permanent Key Form (Arabic)

15- Incident Report From (English)

14- Poster Printing Form (English)

15- Furniture Form (Exchange/ Return/ New) (Arabic- English )


College Administration Office

College of Medicine and Health Science

Sultan Qaboos University 

 PO.Box: 35, 123, Al Khod, Muscat. OMAN

                 College of Medicine & Health Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital,

Phone:   + (968) 24141135,, + (968)  24141103

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