Academic Programs
The MD Degree Program Comprises Phases I, II and III. The successful completion of which awards the student an MD degree in a minimum of 6 years. For the Direct Entry Phase I Plan​​​​​​.However, for students who require one semester of Foundation Programme courses, the plan for Phase I will be different
01 Dec, 2019 |
The student earns a BSc Health Sciences degree by successfully completing Phases I, II and the Intercalated Phase. Students whose overall cGPA in Phases I and II is 2.50 or higher have the option of completing Phase III to obtain the MD degree
28 Nov, 2019 |
The program provides both theoretical and hands-on training to students to achieve the highest proficiency in the domain of BMS. The BMS programme consists of four years of intensive course work followed by eight weeks of mandatory internship training.
27 Nov, 2019 |
We are pleased to consider undergraduate medical students for electives at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) .Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH)Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, in partnership with the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, will strive to assume a strong leadership role in academic excellence and maintain reputation as a Premier Referral Center for teaching, training, research and clinical care.SQUH’s mission is to provide high quality teaching and training...
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Masters programs Masters programs  in Biomedical Sciences taught in English for full-time students Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Clinical Biochemistry Medical Microbiology & Immunology Epidemiology & Medical Statistics Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Physiology Human & Clinical Anatomy Radiology and Molecular Imaging Full Scholarships Masters programs: A total of 8 scholarships for MSc programs. The college will distribute ...
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Doctoral Programs The College offers the following programs: PhD programs taught in English for full time students Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Medical Microbiology & Immunology Family Medicine & Public Health Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Genetics Physiology Human & Clinical Anatomy Radiology and Molecular Imaging For more details contact ( Full Scholarships for PhD and Masters programs: A total of ...
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Internship, is a junior medical doctor's first position undertaken as an initial step at the beginning of a medical career as a physician, and is compulsory regardless of whatever specialty of medicine you may wish to eventually pursue in the future. The Internship year is a period of general medical training, building upon the skills you have acquired at medical school, and learning how they are applied whilst taking increasing but guided responsibilities for patient care and mana...
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