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Undergraduate Programs

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences offers the following undergraduate programs:


  1. Medical Doctor (MD Program) with three Phases (Phase I, Phase II and Phase III)

  2. Bachelor of Health Science  (BSc HS Program)

  3. Biomedical Sciences (BMS Program)

  4. Elective Program


the bellow section give more details about each program

MD Program
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The MD Degree Program Comprises Phases I, II and III. The successful completion of which awards the student an MD degree in a minimum of 6 years. For the Direct Entry Phase I Plan​​​​​​.However,...
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The student earns a BSc Health Sciences degree by successfully completing Phases I, II and the Intercalated Phase. Students whose overall cGPA in Phases I and II is 2.50 or higher have the option of c...
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The program provides both theoretical and hands-on training to students to achieve the highest proficiency in the domain of BMS. The BMS programme consists of four years of intensive course work follo...
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Elective Program
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We are pleased to consider undergraduate medical students for electives at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) .Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH)Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, in partn...
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