Booklets and Leaflets

Person Career development is strongly combined with his/her continuous learning.

You can get a diverse of educational samples, leaflets, booklets, and other publications, soft or hard copies, in different aspects of career guidance. These publications have been prepared and designed by specialists at CCG, to spread career awareness among SQU students & graduates.

Available publications 

  • CV Leaflet
  • Traditional CV Sample
    • Example (1) – Scientific Colleges
    • Example (2)- Humanities Colleges
  • Skills- based CV sample
    • Example (1) – Scientific Colleges
    • Example (2)- Humanities Colleges
  • A sample of a job application letter 
    • Arabic copy
  •  Job Interviews leaflet
    • Arabic copy
    • English copy
  • Booklets of SQU majors for the following colleges:
    • College of Agricultural and Marine Science
    • College of Engineering
    • College of Science
    • College of Education
    • College of Nursing
    • College of Economics and Political Science
    • College of Medicine and Health Science
    • College of Arts and social Sciences
    • College of Law

Providing students with Employers’ Guide by visiting our center.

How to get these publications?

  • You can download the soft copies of these publications by pressing the links above.
  • Visit CCG in the Annex Administration Building, ground floor, during the work hours (7:30 AM – 2:30 PM) to get your hard copy. Waiting for your visit.