For Employers

Offering support and facilitations for employers on campus:

  • Receiving hiring requests from employers, and provide them with SQU graduates data/information.(Graduates information request form).
  • Arranging proper venues to conduct employment tests & interviews on campus.(Service request form).
  • Advertising about different job and training opportunities for employers to recruit SQU graduates.(Request form for a job advertisement).
  • Organizing events and lectures for different employers on campus.(Service Request form).
  • Providing academic programs information to employers.

How can I benefit from this service?

To serve you better, 

  • Please fill out (a service request form) and send it to (
  • Visit CCG - Career Relations Section, in the Annex Administration Building, ground floor, during work hours (7:30 AM – 2:30 PM).
  • Call one of the following numbers (24145977- 24145978- 24145987).
  • Or via the email (