Career & Training Fair
An annual event aims to facilitate direct contact between SQU students and different employers through discussing available job opportunities during the fair days.


Strengthen the relationship between SQU and different employers. to market SQU outcomes.
Introducing various SQU academic programs to the participating employers.
Working as a connecting link between SQU students and different employers.
Giving an opportunity for the participating employers to have close look at the academic level, skills and abilities of SQU students.
Supporting Omanization plans and programs. 
Assisting SQU students and graduates to explore and apply for the available training and job opportunities.
Introducing students to different work environments, employers’ requirements, and increasing their career awareness.

Target audience

  • SQU graduates seeking jobs.
  • SQU students looking for training opportunities. 
  • SQU students about to choose their majors.


CCG sends the fair participation invitations to employers in November every year. Employers who are interested to participate in the fair please contact us via: