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Services related to organizing Awareness programs

Services related to organizing Awareness programs:

A side from the periodic awareness programs, CCG:

  1. designs credited and non-credited career awareness programs tailored for a particular college/ department / major according to students’ needs.
  2. Organizes different awareness programs for the students.

How to benefit from this service?

  • Visit CCG in the Administration Annex Building, ground floor, during the working hours (7:30 AM – 2:30 PM), or contact Awareness and Guidance Section on the following numbers: 24145982; 24145976; 24145833; 24145992.

Services related to the job market:

CCG coordinates between different work sectors and SQU on one hand, and the work sectors and SQU students on the other hand. The Center also encourages the private sector to participate effectively in SQU academic and training programs. Here are some services offered by SQU:

  1. Organizing discussion panels between SQU academic departments and employers to keep up with the market needs.
  2. Introducing SQU undergraduate programs and the new majors to the employers.
  3.   Coordinating with the governmental bodies to change the job title for some majors.
  4. Organizing career fairs and events that serve SQU students and alumni.
  5. Providing Work Sectors guidebook for SQU alumni and senior students.

How to benefit from this service?
For those how wish to use the above-mentioned services, first, please contact the Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service or the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies at your college.

CCG locates in the Administration Annex building – ground floor.
Working Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Tel: 24145981 – 24148987 – 24145978 – 24145975