Majors Fair

Your first step towards career success begins by choosing the right academic major

CCG organizes the annual Majors Fair in fall semesters, to help you choosing your academic major thoughtfully and overcome the tension associated with this decision. Majors Fair includes all undergraduate programs (more than 60 program) that SQU offers, the Deanship of Admission and Registration and different employers’ participations, to answer all of your questions about the different majors and the nature of related jobs.

Majors Fair aims to: 

  • Increase your awareness of available majors, and related skills and jobs.
  • Help you to plan a successful career path that begins by choosing the right major.

How to benefit from the annual Majors Fair?

  • Write down the event’s details by visiting CCG website, following CCG social media accounts @ccgsqu (on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook), or CCG announcements via SQU email. 
  • Manage your time and dedicate enough time to visit the fair, and seek answers for all of your questions and queries related to choosing your major.
  • We advise you to make use of your visit to Major Fair by writing down all your questions and queries you need answers for, prior to your visit. For example:
    • The major/ or majors I want to ask about?
    • What kind of information I need to find out about these majors?
    • How can I benefit from other participants, other than the colleges?
    • What are the other participating employers in the fair? And how can I benefit from them?
    • What are the provided publications by CCG in the fair?
    • Are there any other events going on along with majors fair?


Targeted audience


  • SQU Students:
  • Career Advisors in High Schools:
  • High School Students
  • Parents:
  • Employers:
  • Newly admitted students
  • Students who are about to choose their academic majors
  • Students aiming to transfer from one college to another, or one major to another (within their colleges)
  • Students wishing to learn about labor market and different career pathways related to their majors (Awareness Bodies booth)
  • To know about SQU majors and help high school students in planning their career paths in a systematic way.
  • to use the fair as an information source to guide high school students in guidance sessions
  • To discover SQU majors and their career pathways
  • To help their children making a well-informed decision in different academic stages
  • To learn about SQU majors and what jobs SQU graduates can fill in their organizations.