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The geological distinctiveness of the Oman Mountains has led to its acclaim as one of the best places to study geology. For the amateur geologist, the Oman Mountains offer a great opportunity to explore one of the best geological features of the world, in a place where the rocks are exposed, not hidden beneath soil or vegetation. The discovery of oil has led to intense geological research throughout Oman. New maps have been drawn up and many researchers have been done and published. Classic and textbook examples of rare geological features are found in abundance in Oman. The centre will conduct basic and applied research in earth sciences in general, and in petroleum geology and mineral resources in particular. It will coordinate a collaborative, and interdisciplinary applied research programs through partnership with industry, government and international agencies. Moreover, close contact between colleges, departments and research centers at SQU will enhance its ability to provide multidisciplinary expertise in applied research over a broad range of research areas.

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To become an internationally recognized centre of excellence for research in Earth Sciences.

Mission :

The centre will focus on conducting strategic research, uses of the subsurface and the geological resources, provide consultation services, disseminate Earth Science information, and enhance links with international research centers.

Strategic Goals:

1- To contribute to the economy of Oman through development of new strategic research ideas, applications and techniques in different fields of earth sciences,mainly oil, gas and mining sector. 

2- To house a database on various aspects of Oman’s geology and to be the premier provider of geo-scientific data, investment opportunities, information and knowledge for sustainable use of natural resources.

3- To give advice on exploration, quarrying, mining and mineral resource. evaluation.

4- To provide a full range of continuing education courses, training, short courses,and workshops on earth science topics.

5- To foster cooperation in the geosciences field between academia, government and industry nationally and internationally.

6- To advise on engineering geology related aspects such as site investigations and environmental issues such as geohazards, geotourism and geo-conservation.

The centre would supplement, reinforce links and facilitate exchanges with and between those government agencies and SQU Colleges and centers whose activity relates to the Earth Sciences. These include:

1- Related Departments in the College of Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Marine Sciences, and Arts and Social Sciences at the Sultan Qaboos university

2- Centers of Earthquake Monitoring, Remote Sensing and GIS, Oil and Gas, Water Research, and Environmental Studies and Research Petroleum Development of Oman and other exploration and service companies

3- The National Survey Authority

4- The Ministry of Oil and Gas

5- The Ministries of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources

6- The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs

7- The Ministry of Housing

8- The Ministry of Transport

9- The Ministry of Tourism

10- The Ministry of Education

11- Muscat Municipality

12- Geological Society of Oman

13- International Geological Survey (British Geological Survey, United State Geological Survey, Canadian Geological Survey, French Geological Survey, German Geological Survey, Saudi Geological Survey) ِ

14- International analytical labs in Canada, USA, Germany and UK

The purpose of the UNESCO Chair on Ophiolite studies is to promote an integrated system of research, training and information in the field of ophiolite and related oceanic crust studies. The research component of the project will center on studies on the ancient oceanic crust ‘ophiolie’. The teaching component will focus on the creation of a distance education platform that will offer training in ophiolite studies in collaboration with a network of international partners. The Chair will complement existing training and research activities already carried out at Sultan Qaboos University and, in particular, at the Department of Earth Sciences and the Earth Sciences Research Centre, by enlarging their scope and by offering some of the curricular and extra-curricular activities to high-school students. For More information, Click Here.

SQU has a wide range of excellent facilities to support advanced research and post-graduate training in Earth Sciences. These include laboratories, field stations and research labs. ESRC works closely with the College of Science, which operates a Central Instrumentation Laboratory with advanced analytical capabilities, including X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescent spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, scanning and atomic force electron microscopy and flow cytometry. Elsewhere in SQU, the College of Engineering offers advanced analytical facilities through its developing Central Analytical and Applied Research Unit.

The centre has a great potential to provide consultation services in the following areas:

1- Oil and Gas Companies: Oil exploration, recovery, research, analysis and consultancy.

2- Insurance and Financial Companies : Geology, ground stability and flooding data.

3- Marine and Coastal Consultancy: Sea bed data sets, Bathymetry index data sets for those working in hydrocarbons, marine aggregates, offshore habitat studies, coastal research and land use planning.

4- Mineral Industry: Dig ital data for minerals planning — mines and quarries, commodity statistics, minerals exploration and environmental issues Construction and site investigation” Consultancy or site investigation reports, stone matching and borehole information.

5- Site visualisation using 3D models.

6- Assess ground conditions, geotechnical properties, analyse soil chemistry, or model groundwater processes.

7- Home buying reports —geological assessment, and ground stability Geology, ground stability and flooding data.

8- Environmental reports for consultants and conveyances.

9- Power and Energy Companies { Site assessments — wind farms, power stations and pipelines. Expertise in CO2 capture and storage.

10- Ground source heat pump site investigations.

11- Road and Pipeline Operators”GIS data sets for project specific areas.

12- Consultancy - natural hazard and subsidence, erosion of infrastructure.

13- Ground assessment and monitoring.

14- Tourism and Education: Geo diversity and tourism projects to raise awareness of the importance of geology to our everyday lives.

For any additional information, please contact:

Prof. Sobhi Nasir

Email Address :

Earth Science Research Center

Department of Earth Sciences,College of Science

P.O.Box 36,123- AlKhod,

Sultan Qaboos University

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Tel: +968-92314870 or  + 968 2414 2307


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