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Biomedical and clinical research is an integral part of quality health care. During the past several decades significant scientific and technological advances have been made in biomedical and clinical research that has helped to improve health care. It is evident that interdisciplinary approaches integrating expertise of researchers and clinicians from different scientific disciplines have become essential to develop and sustain advanced biomedical research. Centralization of research in various disciplines of medicine provides the necessary connectivity among the basic and clinical scientific community. Biomedical and clinical research has been and continues to be an integral part of the activities of the College of Medicine and health Sciences (COMHS), College of Nursing (CON) and Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) at the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) for many years. However, several challenges still face the support of medical interdisciplinary research at SQU. These include inaccessibility to essential high-tech and expensive equipment, a lack of administrative and laboratory core services, and a suboptimal environment for collaborations and communications among researchers and clinicians. The Medical Research Center aims to bring together the researchers in biomedical and clinical fields in SQU and other relevant bodies, and provide an optimal environment for collaboration and interdisciplinary research.

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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Medical Research Center (MRC) webpage. The proposal for the establishment of the MRC at SQU was initiated by the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (COMHS), and was approved by the University in December 2017. The primary aim of the center is to conduct, coordinate and facilitate high-quality research on themes that are highly relevant to Oman and Omani health issues, with a focus on translational research linking basic biomedical research to clinical practice. The MRC will serve the needs of diversified groups of researchers from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (COMHS), College of Nursing (CON) and Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH), other SQU colleges and research centers, and other relevant institutions in Oman. The MRC aims to improve and expand medical and biomedical research at SQU both in quality and quantity, support the development of steady and advanced collaborative research, and contribute to the expansion in postgraduate studies. Thus the MRC will nurture a strong collaborative and productive research output and promote health research culture in the country. The center will also encourage and be involved in international multicenter clinical trials. Its activities and functions will be driven by the SQU Strategic Plan of “engaging in internationally-recognized research that significantly contributes to the sultanate’s socio-economic development through the generation of knowledge and innovation.”


Be a leading regional Medical Research Center recognized internationally.



Carry out advanced medical research, coordinate medical research facilities and expertise at SQU, and create a scholarly environment conducive to innovation and excellence in the research, and promote research collaboration.

1- Perform world-class basic translational and clinical research in a centralized facility that is relevant to and appropriate for the cultural traditions of Oman.

2- Organize, coordinate and carry out research of particular interest to the Sultanate and the region.

3- Support the professional development of the medical professionals and scientists in research, and promote research culture.

4- Integrate and collaborate with national, regional and international institutions/ organizations to enhance the activities of the Center and medical research in SQU Provide evidence-based advisory services in the area of medical research and development to government and other local institutions.

5- Disseminate information depicting the activities of the center in various fields of research. Support research capacity building for Omani academicians and medical professionals.

6- Raise awareness about health research issues among the different sectors of the public.

Sultan Qaboos Univeristy :

1- College of Medicine and Health Sciences

2- College of Nursing

3- Communication and Information Research Center

4- Center for Environmental Studies and Research


Other Institutes:

1- WHO- Oman Office - in process

2- Ministry of Health - Center of Studies and research

3- Dhofar University - in process


International Collaborators: 

 1- King Hussain Cancer Center

College of Medicine and Health Science

Sultan Qaboos University

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