Medical Education and Informatics

Staff Development

The Medical Education Department has conducted several educational workshops for faculties.  The Certificate in Health Professions Education (CHPE) has run annually since 2003, and the Student Assessment Workshop has run annually since 2005.

Our objectives in staff development are to:

1- Identify the needs of staff in the areas of teaching skills, course and curriculum planning, instructional material design and assessment.

2- Respond to these identified needs by helping staff to acquire the necessary skills.

3- Conduct staff development programmes, e.g. short course, seminars and workshops to assist staff to improve their teaching skills. A current example of such activity is the Certificate in Health Professions Education course and the Workshops on Student Assessment.

4- Conduct introductory programmes for new staff.

5- Alert staff about important issues in medical education.

6- Inform the staff about the unit’s role and activities and promote the availability of its services.

7- Facilitate access to external experts and expertise on medical education.

8- Develop careers of more junior members of staff.

9- Provide award-bearing programmes at the Masters and Doctoral levels.

10- Circulate a medical education newsletter to all College staff and affiliated teachers.