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The International Students section in the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies offers a room reservation in coordination with the International Cooperation Office at an SQU- arranged accommodation that is located close to the campus. Rental payment is the responsibility of the student as per the options below:

Type of Accommodation


Monthly rent (OMR)



Deposit at Check-In (OMR)


Electricity/Water/ WiFi/ Cooking Gas bills



Private Furnished room in a flat of 3 rooms+ Shared Equipped Kitchen

1 Bedroom with a privately attached Toilet +  Study Table and Chair + Cloths Cabinet + Refrigerator











Shared  Furnished room in a flat of 3 rooms+ Shared Equipped Kitchen 1 Bedroom sharing a Toilet with another Room + Study Table and Chair + Clothes Cabinet + Refrigerator









Electricity bill is 10 OR each person in every month.

Water is free.



To obtain this service fill in the following form link and submit it along with all the required documents to the International Students Section through email (




Staff Club


Faculty Club

Student Dining Center
Canteen in Student Recreation Center




Student Dining Restaurant

Cafeteria , Student Recreation Center 

There are four main market places within SQU campus. They are located in the following area

  • Near Student Clinic
  • Staff Club
  • College of Agriculture and Marine Science
  • College of Engineering


For more information see SQU MAP

There is a Prayer room in almost all the Colleges/Buildings in addition to the SQU Mosque.


SQU Mosque 

Sultan Qaboos University offers free health care to Students/Faculties,  at the University Hospital, Faculty Clinic (FAMCO) and Student Clinic

Student Counseling Center was found in 1999. The center provides a comprehensive program of support services to assist Sultan Qaboos University students in their adjustment to the demands of university environment. 


Our services are designed to enhance student's educational experience by supporting his development.Our goal is to help him grow in self-understanding and awareness, so he will be able to better meet the demands of college life, and enjoy college experience.
The center has a membership in International Association of Counseling Centers. Counselors at the center practice under the counseling international guidelines and counseling code of ethics


For more information, Please visit Student Counseling Center website
  • Grand Hall(has a capacity of 5000 Seats)
  • Conference Hall(has a capacity of 500 Seats)
  • Al Faham Stage
  • 5  lecture halls in the center of the SQU campus. (has a capacity of 500)
  • 4 lecture halls in College of Art and Social Sciences
  • Teaching Blocks, SQU Campus have 7 Teaching Blocks (Buildings) A-G Scattered around the Colleges.

It is worth mentioning that there are two sports complexes separately allocated for male and female students. Each complex includes football fields, fields for athletics, outdoor stadiums, and volleyball playgrounds, outdoor volleyball fields, indoor sport halls which include handball and volleyball playing areas, two halls for weight lifting, a swimming pool and squash courts. Moreover, there is also a student services center that contains a hall for games which includes three snooker tables, three billiard tables, two tennis tables, and a twelve lane bowling alley provided with the latest design features and with an electronic system that is so excellent and distinct a championship can be held in this alley.