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Welcome to the web page of the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs. On this page, you can find useful data and information about the office and its various departments and centers. The Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs is responsible for the fulfillment of the University mission related to administrative and financial affairs. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor supervises the operational functions of the University administrative and financial system and facilitate all financial and administrative procedures. Moreover, he provides financial and administrative services to all units in accordance with the university rules and regulations. In additions, he monitors various aspects of staff developments and budget allocations to all colleges and support centres.


Initiatives for the development of the administrative and financial procedures

To ensure the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the University (2009-2013), the below email has been created in order for university staff and students to send their proposals and initiatives for the development of the administrative and financial procedures in general and simplify procedures in particular. The three best proposals will be selected per year to be applied and reward their owners.



Quality Services for everyone.


To provide excellent services to SQU’s staff, students and Community members.


The Deputy Vice Chancellor’s Office for Admin & Finance seeks to provide Excellent and Quality services to all staff, students and community members. It executes with efficiency the directives of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Admin & Finance. We help all visitors to the office and make sure that they receive all attention and directions from our professional staff.


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