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 The Administrative and Financial Affairs sector at Sultan Qaboos University is dedicated to implement the university's goals and objectives related to this sector by providing all financial, technical, logistical and administrative support needed to all students, staff and units in SQU. In addition, to its commitment to asses and provide all the support required the rest of the sectors in the fields of education, research and community service. Our primary goal is to establish clear, innovative, administrative and financial systems for the university based upon high standards. We are actively working towards developing all financial and administrative procedures of services provided to all squ staff and students to reach the optimum goal that is offering quality services at all levels. Moreover, we are in the process of streamlining our procedures, embracing digital solutions, and utilizing new information and communicational technologies in order to offer good quality services to all.

We place great importance on promoting values such as transparency, standardization, simplification of work processes, and improving the methods used. We also emphasize strictly on applying these values at work, as they are the key drivers of success and productivity and stress on the importance of pursuing competence in all our work flows. Developing staff skills through specialized scholar and training programs in order to enhance its performance and increase the level of productivity in all job levels is the ultimate goal which we are pursuing to achieve at present. This will enable them to perform better at work and be able to participate effectively especially in areas that require certain technical skills and abilities. 

At present, we are in pursuit of providing excellent and quality services to all staff and students through our administrational and financial operational and strategical plans laid out for this sector which are in line with Oman’s future national vision. goals and objectives.




Quality Services for everyone.


To provide excellent services to SQU’s staff, students and Community members.


The Deputy Vice Chancellor’s Office for Admin & Finance seeks to provide Excellent and Quality services to all staff, students and community members. It executes with efficiency the directives of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Admin & Finance. We help all visitors to the office and make sure that they receive all attention and directions from our professional staff.

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