Student Exchange Program

Incoming Students

Applicants to Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) Exchange Student Program at the undergraduate, must have current enrolled  university status preferably  from one of the affiliated universities or organizations which have an exchange agreement with SQU.  Additionally, applicants must have completed at least half of their degree program requirements at their home university, with   2.7 on scale of 4.0  grade point average or equivalent .

While Exchange students must be nominated by the home university, the final decision of acceptance is made by SQU and is based on the individual assessment of each application. Internship and Training programs at SQU have different entry requirements.

The home university's International Office or its equivalent can provide more information regarding exchange opportunities. Exchange students are responsible for checking their eligibility for participation in an exchange program including language requirement as per program medium of instruction at SQU.

If accepted as an Exchange student at SQU, a few weeks after the deadline the applicant will receive the decision as a formal "Letter of Acceptance".  It is very important that applicant brings it with him/her when coming to the Sultanate of Oman.


Courses for Exchange students

Exchange students may take any combination of courses, provided that they meet the prerequisite(s) specified for each course. The courses must always be approved by the home university prior to arrival.  Please note that some restrictions apply to some medical programs Please contact the International Cooperation Office (ICO). Their details are at the end of the application form.

Because of limited space, exchange students are not allowed to register for summer courses, but can take the Internship and Training programs.

Application Form

The application form for Exchange students to SQU is available on-line. If applicant has been nominated by his/her university, he/she should complete the form and print it. The form should then be signed and sent to ICO.

The form includes application for on-campus accommodation, official nomination of the home university and a list of approved courses by home university. Documents to be enclosed with the application are:   

  • Approval letter from home university
  • Original Transcript of academic records
  • Recent colored passport photograph
  • Colored passport copy
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Application Deadlines

The deadline for a Spring Semester is the end of the second Saturday in October and for a Fall Semester is the end of the second Saturday in March.

For Internship and Training programs, please contact ICO, since deadlines vary. (Please note that Oman is GMT +4hrs and working days are Sunday through Thursday)


Tuition fees for registration may be waived and housing assistance may be available but will be decided on an individual basis.

Health & Insurance

Exchange students should submit  proof of comprehensive insurance and medical coverage during their stay and a physical examination prior to arrival. Citizens of countries with reciprocal medical agreements are exempted from this requirement.


Student Exchange Form

You can  download the pdf form and submit it to ( )

Electronic Form
Section A-Personal Information
Section B-Academic Information
Section C-Internship / Training
Section D-Accommodation
Section E-Declaration