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"Sultan Qaboos University has taken the initiative as the first governmental institution to establish a unit dedicated to monitoring the implementation of strategic plans. In line with the governmental approach, it has launched the 'Office for Monitoring the Implementation of Vision Oman 2040,' which manages strategic projects and aligns indicators with Vision Oman 2040. Its aim is to provide support and assistance to university units in matters related to implementing the university's strategy and Vision Oman 2040.

The office's work methodology is based on a set of fundamental principles, from which continuous development processes stem to achieve the university's vision, mission, and values, in addition to the long-term university strategy plan for the period 2016-2040."


Vision of the Office:

To be pioneers in strategic implementation and key partners in achieving the Vision Oman 2040, utilizing advanced analytical and evaluative tools to ensure effective and aligned strategic performance with the country's directions.

Mission of the Office:

"We, at Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Office, are committed to elevating the university towards achieving its strategic goals and vision, in alignment with the objectives of Vision Oman 2040. We strive for excellence in execution and monitoring, working hand in hand with all university units with team spirit and dedication, to be an effective support ensuring the successful realization of national and international goals."



  1. Sustainability: We enhance sustained outstanding performance in the long term.
  2. Innovation: We adopt modern technologies and methods for data analysis and performance evaluation.
  3. Collaboration: We believe in the importance of effective interaction with all stakeholders to ensure integration.
  4. Responsibility: We bear the responsibility of efficiently and transparently achieving strategic objectives.
  5. Continuous Development: We aim for continuous improvement of our processes and the development of our capabilities.


Organizational Structure:

organizational structure


The Office's Competitive Value:

  1. Improving spending efficiency, increasing revenues, and enhancing investment.
  2. Enhancing performance efficiency, execution speed, auditing, and quality.
  3. Measuring growth according to local and global standards.
  4. Monitoring the implementation of ongoing and developmental projects and achieving their objectives.


  1. Serve as a liaison between the university and the Vision Oman 2040 Implementation Unit, representing the university in areas related to implementing the vision.
  2. Study proposals and observations regarding the implementation of Vision Oman 2040 and present them to the University Strategy Oversight Committee for consideration.
  3. Monitor the implementation of the executive plans of the University's long-term strategy (2016-2040) and their performance indicators, aligning them with Vision Oman 2040.
  4. Work on providing an enabling environment for implementing the university's strategy and Vision Oman, proposing suitable solutions and measures to overcome obstacles.
  5. Enhance cooperation between the university and governmental and private entities, developing them to ensure the university's strategic plan is implemented in coordination with the International Cooperation Office.
  6. Monitor the implementation of recommendations from the main committee and the oversight committee with relevant entities involved in the university's strategic plans.
  7. Provide support and assistance to university units in matters related to implementing the university's strategy and Vision Oman 2040.
  8. Monitor the performance of project managers stemming from the strategic plan and facilitate their work on those projects.
  9. Prepare reports requested by the Vision Oman 2040 Implementation Unit, the oversight committee, and the main committee for the university's strategy.
  10. Monitor the update of the university's indicator dashboard.
  11. Monitor plans to improve vision-related indicators for the university and its key performance indicators according to its annual plan in coordination with the Quality Assurance Unit.
  12. Monitor the implementation of approved procedures and actions to simplify procedures and facilitate services provided to university stakeholders in coordination with the Vision Oman 2040 Implementation Unit and submit periodic reports to the university president.
  13. Review and evaluate all documents and evidence proving the completion of approved projects at the university and ensure their quality in coordination with the Vision Oman 2040 Implementation Unit.
  14. Ensure the existence of effective communication plans and media outreach, coordinating with the Communication and Media Department.
  15. Raise awareness among university staff about the pillars, goals, and future plans of Vision Oman 2040 related to the university's activities in coordination with the Vision Oman 2040 Implementation Unit.

Strategic Plan:


Implementation Plan:


Mechanism for Escalating Challenges:

Mechanism for Escalating Challenges










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