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We are pleased to welcome you to the Center for the Development and Development of Staff at Sultan Qaboos University, which was established to carry out the human resources development of the university through the training and professional development of its employees. It is well known that the university has a diverse cadre of staff at various levels of science to achieve the institutional objectives for which the university has been established and developed rapidly to become the leading academic institution at the local level, which is referred to locally and internationally.

 In this regard, the Center plays important and fundamental roles, namely training and qualifying employees in various categories of jobs through holding collective and individual training programs inside and outside the Sultanate, in addition to their scholarships for postgraduate studies, in order to obtain the advanced degrees of science both by field and specialization, The process of publicizing many academic, medical, technical and administrative functions within the university. 

The design of the website is in line with the vision and objectives of the university to facilitate the staff and visitors to get information and access to the most important news and activities of the Center, in addition to identifying the sections and content and administrative structure. In conclusion, we appreciate your honorable passage, and we hope that you will find an answer to your questions on the site. We also welcome your suggestions and opinions, which will undoubtedly contribute to the development and innovation of solutions and simplify the work procedures to serve the university and its members. This is God and behind the intent.


Achieve excellence in the performance of human cadres to contribute to the establishment of the university as a center of creativity and experience


The mission of the Center for the Development and Development of Employees is based on achieving the objectives and mission of the university by raising the efficiency of its employees by academic qualification, training and career development to develop their abilities, skills and behavior in cooperation with all units and departments of the university to achieve scientific and practical excellence.


  • Provide assistance and advice to all officials and employees of the university on the opportunities and activities of training and continuous professional development
  • Organizing programs, workshops, discussions, and activities related to the professional development of all employees based on the priorities and needs of the university and the needs of different units, aimed at improving quality
  • Stimulate employees, achieve job satisfaction and identify training needs based on strategic development plans, particularly education and learning policies, quality control standards and scientific research in cooperation with other university units according to national and international standards.
  • Organizing professional awareness and training programs as an initial step to sensitize employees to their work assignments and practical rights. Provide support and assistance to all employees to develop their managerial and leadership skills through organizing specialized management courses
  • To strengthen relations with universities and international centers in order to allow university staff to benefit from the work experience through training and exchange of staff in cooperation with the competent authorities
  • Working to strengthen the consultative links through the committees that represent the sectors of the staff (academic, technical and administrative).
  • Provide equal opportunities for training and academic qualification for all categories of university staff depending on the needs and necessities of work

Center for Staff Development


Center Departments

  • Coordination & follow-up
  • Statistics & Career Development
  • Training and Career Awareness
  • Scholarships & Grants
  • Scholars Affairs

  Coordination & follow-up

  • Organizing incoming and outgoing correspondence, follow-up correspondence transferred to concerned personnel within and outside the Center. 
  • Classification and archiving of general correspondence and reports, records related to the management of the Center. 
  • Responding to queries in written or verbally, schedule meetings and internal & external visits for the Director of the Centre. 
  • Monitor the electronic archiving system, and prepare the Center Annual report. 
  • Prepare the monthly annual and media reports. 
  • Follow-up important activities of the Center, and assist other Departments in accomplishing their tasks.

Statistics & Career Development 

  • Identifying training needs for all levels of staff and provide appropriate alternatives in collaboration with the Training & Awareness Department. 
  • Preparing and Circulating the list of the Annual proposed Training programs with the collaboration of all units in the SQU. 
  • Exploring appropriate Collaboration with locals and international Training Institutes to conduct training programs at SQU. 
  • Identifying different professional and specializing training courses. 
  • Preparing and Following up the Annual Training and Scholarship statistics. 
  • Proposing and designing training forms and other forms as a request. 

 Training and Career Awareness

  • Follow up the implementation of the annual training Programs according to in collaboration with all units within the university. 
  • Coordinating with the concerned local, regional and international training Institutes centers to register nominated staff for further training opportunities
  •  Supervising, following up and evaluating the in-house training programs.
  • Suggesting and monitoring the usage of the budget for local and overseas training for all units in the university.
  • Following up any financial obligations for selected Institutes/Centers.
  • Providing and classifying specialize training programs according to the training needs of SQU’s Units. 
  • Evaluating training results, providing recommendations in collaboration with the Statistics & Career Development Department in order to discuss these reports at the Scholarship and Training Committee.
  • Exploring opportunities of training grants provided by governmental organizations, universities, and private institutions. 
  • Preparing quarterly reports on training and awareness of professional activities.
  • Proposing appropriate alternatives other than Academic qualification in coordination with concerned Dept. in the center and concerned units in the University.

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 Scholarships & Grants

  • Preparing and sending the Annual Announcement for Scholarship nomination for all units. 
  • Screening and reviewing all applications, and preparing the final lists of nominees for internal and external scholarships. 
  • Reviewing study leaves and grant applications according to SQU bylaws and regulations. 
  • Following up recommendations and the regulatory of decisions on scholarships in coordination with concerned authorities within the university. 
  • Analyzing scholarships provided by governmental organizations, universities and private institutions and circulating them to university staff once approved by the Scholarship and Training Committee. 
  • Approaching the Ministry of Higher Education to obtain approval and verification of all graduate certificates.

Scholarship and Grants Forms

 Scholars Affairs

  •  Following up scholars' academic progress in coordination with the cultural attaches’ offices or directly with the educational institutions.
  • Preparing up-dated statistics and data of scholars.
  • Preparing quarterly and annual reports of all scholars.
  •  Following up scholars' access to financial, tickets and other compensations according to regulatory decisions in cooperation with concerned authorities.
  • Preparing and following up all procedures needed for scholars according to SQU bylaw, in coordination with the concerned authorities in SQU.
  • Prepare the agenda of the Scholarship and Training Committee. 
  • Communicating verbally and in writing the decision made by the Scholarship and Training Committee to concern Deanship/Directors.
  • Reviewing requests for an extension of the period of study, change of specialization or change of the country of study and other requests by scholars to be presented to the Scholarship and Training Committee in order to obtain a final decision.