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 H.H. Dr. Mona bint Fahad Al-Said

        H.H. Dr. Mona bint Fahad Al-Said

     Assistant V.C. for International Cooperation


Being the fourth clause in the Charter of Sultan Qaboos University, internationalisation is an issue that the university aims to strengthen in order to raise its profile and promote international collaboration. In pursuance of this aim, the inception of the Office of External Cooperation, now called, International Cooperation Office (ICO) in 2002 was the first step in that regard.  

SQU vigorously pursues collaboration with a variety of institutions in order to promote and strengthen both teaching and research, and also to enrich the experiences of its staff and students. Much of this collaboration takes the form of international cooperation at various levels. Indeed, internationalisation is a hallmark of all top universities today and is an essential strategy for any institution wishing to compete on the cutting edge of academia in a globalising world.  
Over the last few years, the International Cooperation Office has taken big steps to strengthen and improve its strategies and efficiency. Further, but not limited to, ICO has successfully achieved and created new communication channels to work hand-in-hand with other bodies at SQU administration and colleges to accomplish its mission.  
Several MoU's, LoU's and LoA’s with reputed universities have been signed to enrich research and relevant programs such as students exchange and internship.  



Today, SQU stands as a beacon of knowledge and an active local and international university engaged in collaborative projects and partnerships all over the world.The university is the only public institution with centers for research and education focusing on all regions of the world and participates in international conference, workshops, training's and joint-projects.

The International Cooperation Office (ICO) of the university has assisted the institution to achieve its goals through the process of internationalization. The role of ICO has been advanced over the time and now it engages itself with the agreements signed by international organizations, exchange programs for both students and researchers, joint-workshops, memberships established with international organizations, global initiatives, etc.

This website provides an overview of existing networks, partnerships and initiatives, and how the organization related to internationalization activities is structured.


Support ٍٍSultan Qaboos University in achieving a strong worldwide reputation as an international institution .


Adopt an internationalization strategy through providing the highest, most efficient and professional network with national and international environment through local and international partners and collaborators around the world .


• Manage the University's overall internationalization strategy deliberations and outreaching this nationally and internationally.

• Promote the University and its programs and research opportunities with a view to involve and attract more international 

   researchers through exhibitions, visits to sponsors and other institutions.

• Support the colleges, administrative units and university's hospital in their own international targeted promotional activities

• Provide consultation and information to the university units with regards SQU international relations.

• Facilitate arrangements for international visitors in coordination with relevant SQU units.

• Support the university's staff, researchers and students exchange programs (incoming and outgoing) help with induction.

• Facilitate joint research, conference, seminars, and symposium in coordination with relevant SQU units .

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