Undergraduate Education at CAMS

CAMS supports a wide range of undergraduate programs that facilitate the arrival of our graduate in the workforce and emphasize their professional development. They receive faculty-directed hands-on teaching but are also engage in research and extension activities. The College embraces the latest scientific and electronic technology to educate and inform our student body. 
Regularly, the College publishes a complete guide to its degree programs. These are available at the College in hard copies or can be downloaded as electronic documents (2012-2013 ,  2010-2011)

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Established by Royal Decree in 1986, the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences (CAMS) has a record of more than 24 years of service to Sultan Qaboos University and the wider community in the Sultanate. In an arid land, where farming and maritime activities are an integral part of the history and culture, the College plays a vital role. It is important as a repository of scientific expertise, a vehicle for advanced training and a center for strategic research to promote sustainable use of the Sultanate’s renewable resources. 
The mission of the College is to prepare qualified Omanis, academically and technically, to serve the development of the Sultanate in the agriculture and marine sectors; to design and execute strategic and tactical research in collaboration with national and international agencies, to promote the agriculture and marine sectors in the Sultanate; promote the development of a productive, balanced and diversified economy, and enhance environmental sustainability by disseminating knowledge to the agriculture and marine sectors of the Sultanate; emphasize the value of acquisition and utilization of scientific knowledge and of adherence to a way of life based upon Islam to young Omanis.

Zahir Humaid Al-Attabi, Ph.D
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Studies

As the Undergraduate Studies division of the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, we are responsible for the evaluation and modification of the college curriculum; preparation of college policy and procedure for Resident Instruction; helping students to select majors; developing plans for recruitment and retention of top students; and proposing and organizing workshops related to teaching and student advising.

The internship course was added as a departmental requirement to all degree programs starting with the 1996 cohort. It is intended to introduce the students to the work environment to enable them to gain some practical experience regarding their areas of specialization. Given the nature of the course, it has been decided that a common way (at the College level) of conducting it should be followed to provide better opportunities for our students and to avoid duplication of efforts by the various Departments of the College.
This document contains all relevant information on the internship program offered by the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences. This document is intended to be used by the student (interns), departmental internship co-coordinator and supervisor in the host organization.

Dr. Said Salim Al-Ismaily 

   Assistant Dean

   College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences   
   Sultan Qaboos University   
   PO Box 34, Al-Khod 123   
   Sultanate of Oman   
   Phone: (+ 968) 2414 1252   
   Fax:     (+ 968) 2441 3639 (or 2441 3418)   
   Email:   esmaily@squ.edu.om

   Azza Mohammed Al-Akhzami

   College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences

   Sultan Qaboos University   
   PO Box 34, Al-khod 123   
   Sultanate of Oman   
   Phone: (+ 968) 2414 1258   
   Fax:       (+ 968) 2441 3639 (or 2441 3418)   
   Email:   azzam@squ.edu.om

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