Requirements for Majors at CAMS

Science Courses

In general, students should complete at least one science course (PHYS2101 or CHEM2101 or BIOL2101) to be eligible for majoring. The only exception is Agricultural Engineering where students are asked to complete at least two science courses (as shown in the table below) in order to be considered for majoring.  The remaining third course must be finished in the following semester.  In addition, Agricultural Engineering major requires a minimum C grade in the science courses.

Cumulative GPA

Besides completion of specific courses some majors, such as Agricultural Engineering and Human Nutrition specify minimum cumulative GPA (as shown below) that should be obtained before applying for majoring.

The requirements for all majors at CAMS


Total Credits to Complete before majoring

Required CGPA

Courses to complete before majoring

Agricultural Engineering



≥ 2.1

1. CAMS2000 

2. PHYS2101 or PHYS21071 , MATH21071 , CHEM21011 (at least two courses must be completed) ≥2.1 • ≥ C in CHEM2101, PHYS2101 or PHYS2107 & MATH2107

Human Nutrition

≥ 2.7

  1. CAMS2000 
  2. BIOL2101 or CHEM2101 or PHYS2101

Animal Science










  1.  CAMS2000 
  2. BIOL2101 or CHEM2101 or PHYS2101




Food Science

Marine Sciences and Fisheries

Natural Resource Economics

Soil Sciences

Veterinary Technology

Water Technology

Who can apply?

Students meeting the following criteria can apply for major:
1-         Complete minimum of 24 credits.
2-         Pass CAMS2000 course.
3-         Finish one science course (PHYS2101 or CHEM2101 or BIOL2101).

Who must apply?

Any student with 30 credits or more must apply for a major irrespective of his/her status and courses taken. Students who do not apply for a major will be majored in any available major.

Majoring Criteria

Major assignment will depend on the following criteria:
1- Availability of seats.
2- Cumulative GPA.
3- Not under probation post application

To apply for Major click here

Change of Major

  • Major changes are allowed only once and within the first year of the current major.
  • Students applying for a major change must meet admission requirements of the requested program and should have passed one science course, LANC2141 Or LANC2146 , and the introductory course of his/her current major.
  • The new major will count only the courses relevant to the program. Note: not counting some of the courses may delay graduation.
  • For non-vacant major, the applicant should have “a minimum of 2.3 cumulative GPA” or “higher than the last admitted student” in case the last admitted student had a cumulative GPA higher than 2.3.
  • Priority of major allocation will be given to students without major during the major selection period.
  • In all cases and without exception, the maximum allowable transfer should not exceed 10% of the assigned number in each major.

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