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The College of Agriculture and Marine Sciences is quite small with approximately 70 faculty and full time researchers. It has also some  60 graduate students (both MSc and PhD) very active in the many fields of agricultural and marine sciences.

The total budget of the College in terms of research is approximately 700000 Or annually of which approximately 60% come from sources of funding external to the University.

We consider research at cams at the heart of our teaching function: knowledge transmitted to our student is often the results of the most recent development in research and our student are very early on exposed to the principle of scientific investigation and research from the bachelor programs to the doctorates.

The research in the College is organized around 4 main themes (CAMS Strategic Plan 2010-2014):

  • The sustainable production of food products through an understanding of the ecological and biological processes involved;
  • The addition of values to food products through processing and the development of products and food habits that enhance well being;
  • The sustainable management of renewable resources such as land, water and natural ecosystems;
  • The development of food security through food trade and agribusiness.

These themes are general enough to provide flexibility in the researchers' individual research interests while specific enough to give to the College research a general framework for future development.

Best Researcher Award

Every year since 2002, on the occasion of the anniversary of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos' visit to the University,  the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences selects one of its most research-active faculty as "Best Researcher". This award recognizes excellence in terms of academic output, publications and overall contribution to the academic live of the University.

You will find below the list of the most recent recipients of this award with their Curriculum Vitae at the time of the award.

 2017 Dr. Mohamed Essa Curriculum Vitae.
 2016 Dr. Abdullah Mohd Al-Sadi Curriculum Vitae.
 2015 Dr. Rashid Al-Yahyai Curriculum Vitae.
 2014 Dr. Manickavasagan Annamalai Curriculum Vitae.
 2013 Dr. Mohamed Essa
 2012 Dr. Abdullah Al-Sadi
 2011 Dr. Sergey Dobretsov
 2010 Dr. Michael Deadman
 2009 Dr. Issam Kadim
 2008 Dr. Shafiur Rahman
 2007 Dr. Anvar Kacimov



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