Dean's Message

Dear Colleagues, Students, and Members of the Community,

The College of Nursing at Sultan Qaboos University is an exceptional place to pursue nursing education.

Since its establishment in 2008 as an independent, the College of Nursing was envisioned to be a leading college in the region in areas of nursing education, service and research. In the College of Nursing, we believe that truly successful organizations in the service of humanity are built on deep commitment to excellence and strategic partnerships. It is in this belief that drives our mission to actively participate in meeting the needs, shaping, and advancing healthcare in the Sultanate of Oman.     

Today, as a result of years of quality and excellent work, many remarkable achievements have been accomplished that made the College of Nursing a reputable destination in the region for quality nursing education. The college was the first to establish a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in the Sultanate of Oman. In 2015, the program was internationally recognized and accredited by the prestigious Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing ( ACEN). In 2016, we started the first and the only Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Oman specializing in Adult Acute Care Nursing. We are looking forward to expanding our program to include other specialties. In October, 2016, we have been granted the Excellence Award for Distinguished Academic Institution by the Scientific Society of Arab Nursing Faculties .



Dr. Omar Al Rawajfah, PhD, RN  
Dean, College of Nursing 

We draw students from the very best from every region in Oman. Our students are taught and mentored to become professional nurses and nursing leaders by a diverse team of compassionate and experienced staff and faculty members who possess expertise in clinical service, administration, nursing education, and research.

Our academic programs emphasize critical elements of professional nursing practice. As a result, we produce nurses who are able to practice in dynamic clinical environments in an ethical, safe, and culturally-sensitive manner. The teaching and learning processes in the College of Nursing use innovative student-centered learning methods, such as simulation. This leads students to value safety, evidence-based practice, and creativity. Our graduates are highly sought out for their abilities to integrate evidence-based practice and use of clinical technologies in nursing care.

In the College of Nursing, we are committed to developing the Omani nursing faculty workforce. To fulfill this commitment, we will be ready to welcome back and directly engage our sponsored graduate students abroad to be new Omani faculty. The college plans to continue sponsoring more Omani nurses to pursue their graduate studies, especially for areas of specialization with shortage of Omani faculty.

As Dean of the College of Nursing, it is my pleasure to welcome you as a partner and I invite you to learn more about us by browsing our website.