Faculty Research Projects (2017)

College of Nursing

Faculty Research Projects






Research Title

Internal Grant

Dr. Micheal Leocardio

The Development, validation and testing TEAM (Transcultural Education and Allied Members of Health) Simulation Approach in Arabic Nursing Program

Dr. Godfrey Katende

Kidney disease quality of life among patients on hemodialysis in Oman

Ms. Irene Kizza

Knowledge and self-efficacy for pain management and well-being among family caregivers of adult cancer patients in Oman.

Dr. Judie Arulappan

Assessment of challenges, coping strategies, health related quality of life and skill management program for transition from childhood to adulthood among children with sickle cell disease in Oman

Dean’s Fund

Dr. Judie Arulappan

Knowledge and Readiness for Interprofessional Education and Collaboration among medical and nursing students at SQU, Oman-A Pilot Study

Ms. Frincy Francis

Gestational Surfing: Information seeking Behaviors via Internet among Omani Pregnant Women and its implications on Health care Decision making process.

Mr. Nasir Matani

The impact of studying nursing science on adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors

Ms. Divya Raghavan

Simulation in intranatal teaching- challenges and effectiveness as perceived by male students: A qualitative approach


Dr. Judie Arulappan

Knowledge and Attitude towards climate change and its effects on health among nursing students: A multi-Arab country perspective

Ms. Susan Achora

Knowledge and attitude of nursing students at the College of Nursing, SQU towards kidney donation

Dr. Khaled Al Omari

Impact of Lyric poetry on nursing students knowledge retention of evidence based care bundles.

Dr. Vidya Seshan

Undergraduate nursing students’’ perception of case study analysis as a teaching strategy