Faculty Research Projects (2020)

College of Nursing

Faculty Research Projects






Research Title


Dr. Omar Alomari

Depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness, and satisfaction of life among youths at the time of coronavirus: A multi-country study

TRC-Non Communicable Disease Fund

 (In Process)

Dr. Khaldoun Aldiabat

Exploring Home Self-Management Process of Omani Adult Patients who are Living with Colorectal or Breast Cancer as a Chronic Disease from the Perspectives of the Patients, Family Caregivers, Healthcare Providers, and Health Policy Makers

Deanship of Research Funded

Dr. Khaldoun Aldiabat

Self-Management Behavior and Knowledge of Mentally ill Omani Patients

Ms. Harshita

Quality of Life and Challenges Experienced by Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivors in Sultanate of Oman: A Mixed Method Study

Mrs. Divya Raghavan

Psychosocial distress (depression, anxiety and RPL associated stress), maternal self-esteem, Quality of marital relationships and the coping mechanisms adopted by Omani women with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL).

Internal Grants

Dr. Omar Al Omari

Predictors of Mental health literacy among adolescents in Oman: A cross sectional study

Dr. Erna J. Roach

Knowledge and health promotion behaviors of children with asthma in Oman? A cross sectional study

Ms. Deepa Shaji Thomas

Video Games as an active distraction technique on pain, anxiety and distress during wound care in Children, An Interventional study

Ms. Jansi R, Natarajan

An Exploratory Descriptive study to assess the prevalence of chronic wounds and Health-Related Quality of Life among the Patients with chronic wounds in Muscat Hospitals

Ms. Cherry Ann Ballad

Nurses’ genomic literacy and their perceived role and responsibilities in genetic healthcare

Dr. Girija Madhavanprabhakaran

Breast feeding practice in Oman: A Cross sectional study

Dean’s Fund


Dr. Fawwaz Alaloul

Public Knowledge, Attitude, Practices and Level of Anxiety toward COVID-19"

Ms. Shreedevi Balachandran

Knowledge of “Guidelines for Perioperative Care in Cardiac Surgery (2019)”: A survey of
nursing staff in Oman (OMR 360)

Ms. Arcalyd Rose Cayaban

Perceived Usefulness of Academic Advising and the Academic Advisor in Oman (OMR 195)

Dr. Laila Al Daken

Predictors of Effective Clinical Teaching Environment among Nursing Students who Attended Clinical Area: A Cross-national Study (OMR 450)

Ms. Divya KY

Psychological Distress, Suicidality and Help Seeking Behavior of Undergraduate Nursing Students, Oman (OMR 150)


Ms. Rasha Abu Baker

"Psychological Distress and Quality of Life of

Nursing and Non-nursing Students in SQU during Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)"


Ms. Frincy Francis

Prevalence of Tokophobia among Omani Pregnant

women attending the outpatient department of Public University Hospital, Oman


Dean’s Fund

(In Process)

Mrs. Chandrani Isac

An estimate of care transition measure received by hospitalized older adults with CVDs admitted to Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

Mrs. Aysha Al-Hashmi

Overweight and obesity among Omani adolescents – a national cross-sectional study

Mrs. Sophia Cyril Vincent

Influence of maternal nutrition on pregnancy and birth outcomes in Oman- A prospective longitudinal study

Mrs. Khloud Al Dameery

The effect of using a mobile application on medication adherence among Omani patients with schizophrenia: A quasi-experimental study

Dr. Mohammad Al Qadire

Public Attitudes regarding Cancer and cancer Patients in Oman: A cross-sectional survey

Non Funded Studies

Mr. Mohammad Qutishat

Emotional intelligence and cyberchondria among college students in Oman, a descriptive correlation study

Mr. Mohammad Qutishat

The Awareness of Digital Drugs among University Students in Oman

Mr. Khaled Bader

Nursing Perception versus Actual Family Need among Omani Patients at Critical Care Units

Dr. Mickael Joseph

The Effect of Awarding Digital Badges on Academic Outcomes

Mr. Mohammad Qutishat

Night Eating Syndrome, Academic Adjustment, and Fear of Missing Out among Undergraduate Students

Dr. Omar Alomari

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Loneliness and Satisfaction of Life among Adolescents and Youth at the Time of Coronavirus: A Multicenter Study

Mr. Khalid Al Mugeed

COVID-19 Knowledge, Attitude, and

Precautionary among Nursing Students

Mr. Mohammad Qutishat

Cyberchondria, Academic Adjustment, andPsychological Distress among College Students in Oman, A Descriptive Correlation Study

Mohammad Qutishat

Psychological Distress, Insomnia, and Night Eating Disorder among College Students in Oman, A Descriptive Correlation Study

Ms. Aisha AlShdefat

"Knowledge, attitude, and practice towards the Coronavirus among Nursing Students at Sultan Qaboos University

Mr. Mohammed Qutishat

"Emotional Intelligence and Compulsive Buying Behaviors during the Pandemic of COVID 19

Ms. Cherry Ann Ballad

Self-Directed Learning Readiness, Learning Styles and Nurses' Professional Values among Nursing Students in Oman

Dr. Khaldoun Aldiabat

The Lived Experiences of Quarantined Omani Adults who were Affected by Corona Virus

Ms. Khloud Al Dameery

"Correlates of Cyberchondria, Uncertainty and Psychological Distress among Omanis during COVID-19

Dr. Khaldoun Aldiabat

The Lived experiences of Nurses caring for Patients with COVID-19 in Arabian Gulf Countries; A Descriptive phenomenological Study

Dr. Atika Khalaf

Positive Body Image in Omani Adolescents and

Young Adults

Ms. Aisha AlShdefat

Students Perception of E Learning at SQU Oman During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ms. Azza Al Hajri

Impact of Simulation-Based Teaching in

Satisfaction, Self-Confidence, and Empathy of Undergraduate Nursing Students in Sultan

Qaboos University

Ms. Sheeba J.

"Evaluating parental stress and its predictors

among SQU employed parents during COVID- 19"