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Sultan Qaboos University, College of nursing

Policy prepared by: Risk committee

Policy reviewed by: Risk committee members and computer lab technicians

Policy to be approved by: College Board

Revision: Once in two years

Policies for safety in computer labs at college of nursing

  • All users of the laboratory are to follow the directions of Academic/Laboratory Technician staff member.
  • Food or drink is not permitted at any time in the laboratory.
  • Students should not attempt to repair, open, tamper or interfere with any of the computer, printing, cabling, air conditioning or other equipment in the laboratory.
  • Students should be aware of office ergonomic guidelines for correct posture when using computer equipment.
  • Please treat fellow users of the laboratory, and all equipment within the laboratory, with the appropriate level of care and respect.
  • Please shut down the computer properly after use.
  • Kindly report about any broken plugs or exposed electrical wires to the laboratory technician immediately.
  • Do not charge your personal mobile devices in the lab.
  • Each student must log in to his/her account. No sharing of accounts is permitted.
  • Avoid stepping on electrical wires or any other computer cables.
  • Do not insert metal objects such as clips, pins and needles into the computer casings. They may cause fire.
  • Do not plug in external devices without scanning them for computer viruses.
  • Ensure that the temperature in the room stays cool, since there are many machines inside a lab as these can overheat easily. This is one of the many ways of ensuring computer safety.
  • Try not to touch any of the circuit boards and power sockets when a device is connected to them and switched on.
  • Always maintain an extra copy of all your important data files.
  • Accessing illegal sites is strictly prohibited.
  • Cell phones must be on silent mode before entering the computer lab as it may distract others. Maintain silence in the computer lab.
  • Do not download any abusive software /games /programs on any computer in the laboratory.
  • Computer related games or any other games are not allowed in the computer lab.
  • Do not alter any configuration of any computer.
  • Any behavior or action that affects the environment of the lab is prohibited.
  • Do not save any important assignment on the desktop, save it in a removable drive.
  • As the IT, personnel may remove it as a part of routine monitor inspection

In case of emergency

  • Keep calm.
  • Call for help and inform using the emergency number
  • Know the location of the fire extinguisher and the first aid box and how to use them in case of an emergency.
  • Leave the building and run safely to the nearest assembly point - In front of the college near the fountain / At the parking area
  • Do not re-enter evacuated buildings until the "all clear" is given by an authorized person.
  • Mr. Rashid Al-Habsi
  • Mr. Khalid Al-Harrasi
    Assistant Director
  • Mr. Younise Al-Hinai
  • Mr. Abdulmutalib Al Hinai
    Computer Technician
  • Mr. Hisham Al Haimli
    Computer Technician
  • Mr. Mohammed Ali Al-Maharbi
  • Mr. Sami Abdullah Al Agbari