Undergraduate program
  • Overview
  • Study Plan for BSN Students
  • Study Plan for Bridging Students

The College has one Baccalaureate program which has two entry points: A regular pathway for students entering after attaining the Secondary School Examination Certificate and a bridging pathway for nurses who are trained at the Nursing Diploma level but wish to upgrade to the BSc in Nursing degree. 


The undergraduate program aims at preparing nurses who believe that caregiving is the heart of the profession of nursing. This is why we emphasize caring in our teaching and learning activities. We deliberately prepare our students to cherish and practice nursing so that they are rooted in protecting the rights, dignity, and well-being of patients committed to their care.

 We aim to match international nursing education standards and to deliver quality-nursing education in the face of ever-changing health care demands. 

Degree plan 2019-2020

Degree plan 2018

Degree plan 2017
 Degree plan 2015-2016