Faculty Research Projects (2019)

College of Nursing

Faculty Research Projects







Research Title

Deanship of Research Fund

Dr. Sulaiman Al Sabei

The Relationship Between Nursing Practice Environment, Interprofessional, Collaboration and Patient Safety: A National Study.

Dr. Mariam Al Harrasi

A nurse-led motivational interviewing tailored intervention for improving self-care behaviors and health outcomes in heart failure patients in Oman: A pilot randomized control trail

Ms. Jansi Natarajan

Perception of Academic Integrity and Dishonesty among University Faculty and Students in Oman


Dr. Maryam Al Harrasi

Heart Failure Characteristics and Self-care among Patients and their Family Care givers: Influence on Quality of Life, Clinical events and cost of care overtime, A multicenter longitudinal Prospective Cohort Study

Dr. Huda Al Noumani

Medication Adherence Among Patients with Chronic Diseases in Oman: A Multi-center National Study

 Dr. Sulaiman Al Sabei

The Role of Hospital Work Environments on Enhancing the Quality of Patients’ Care and Nurse Outcomes in the Sultanate of Oman


Ms. Frincy Francis

Team Members:

Ghadeer AL-Battashi 

Zaynab AL-Shibli,

Abeer AL-Ghafri, 

Omar AL-Yazeedi ,


Effectiveness of Buzzy Bee Device on Pain Perception during Invasive Procedures among School-age Children in Oman – An Interventional Study 


Dr. Maryam Al Harrasi:

Team Members:

Ammar Albadi, Ali Alkalbani, Amjad Alrumhi & Khalid Alqassabi


Factors Affecting the Utilization of the Freely available Premarital Screening Test Among Higher Education Students in Oman

Dr. Judie Arulappan:

Team Members:

Shaima Araba, Mabrouka Al Rawahi, Asma Al Rawahi

Awareness, Attitude, Beliefs, Intention and Barriers for Organ donation among undergraduate students in Sultanate of Oman

Internal Grant

Dr. Iman Al Hashimi

The Accessibility and the Feasibility of a Self-Efficacy Enhancing Smart-Phone Application (SEESPA) among pregnant women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

Dr. Omar  Al Omari

Prevalence and predictors of smoking among University students: A cross sectional study

Dr. Vidya Seshan

Effectiveness of continence education program and its impact on improving health seeking behaviors of Omani women with UI

Dr. Blessy Valsaraj

Mental Health simulation: Knowledge, Competency, Anxiety, Satisfaction and Perception among nursing students in Oman

Ms. Anandhi Amirtharaj

Comparison of full outline unresponsiveness score against Glasgow Coma Scale in the prediction of functional outcomes among ICU patients with neurological insult in Oman

Ms. Hema Samson

Caring for traumatic brain injury patients: Relationship between TBI Severity, caregiver health, Burden and Preparedness

Ms. Joy Kabasindi

Disaster preparedness and management: the role of nurses in Oman

Ms. Jansi Natarajan

Health related quality of life of Omani patients with multiple sclerosis in Muscat Hospitals

Dean’s Fund

Dr. Judie Arulappan

Relationship between Nurses’ Happiness, Spirituality and Emotional Intelligence and its Impact on the Nurses’ Turnover and Quality of Patient Care in the Sultanate of Oman.

Ms. Sheeba Elizabeth

Identifying Omani Undergraduate University Students’ Learning Styles and their Academic Performance using Bernice McCathy’s 4MAT Model

Ms. Savithri Raman

Nursing Students’ Attitude and Perception on High Fidelity Simulation Based Education (HFSBE) in Oman: A Cross Sectional Study

Ms. Lina Shakman

Prediction of Breast Self-Examination (BSE) Behavior using the Health Belief Model: A Cross Sectional Study


Dr. Girija Madhavanprabhakaran

Evidence Based Practice among Nursing Students in the Sultanate of Oman: A Cross Sectional Study

Ms. Zainab Alazri

Exploring Omani nursing students perceptions of their clinical competencies

Ms. Chandrani Isac

Determinants of daytime sleepiness among Omani nursing students and its implications on their academic performance

Dr. Suja Karkada

Evaluation of outcomes of simulation among novice nursing students

Dr. Judie Arulapan

Assessment of barriers and preparedness of nurses to use augmentative and alternative communication strategies in non-speaking critically ill patients in SQUH-Oman

Dr. Iman Al Hashimi

The effectiveness of a health education intervention based on the health belief model on Omani women with gestation diabetes.