Nursing Education and Clinical Simulation Unit


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Welcome to the Nursing Education and Clinical Simulation Unit (NECSU). The unit is located at the ground floor of the College of Nursing. Our vision is to be a state of art clinical simulation facility that will bring innovation to nursing education, professional development and research.

The unit is divided into nursing skills and simulation laboratory. The nursing skills laboratories are prepared with various manikins, models and part-task trainers that provide learners with an opportunity to practice their nursing skills, integrate theory to practice, think critically and ensure patient safety.

The simulation laboratory is equipped with advanced Audio-visual technology (SMOTS) that enables the recording and debriefing of the simulation session. The simulation laboratory uses the human patient simulators, standardized patients and hybrid simulation as different approaches for simulation. Currently, the laboratory houses 3 high fidelity simulators namely; METI-ECS the critical care simulator, Noelle the childbirth simulator and Pedi Hal the 5-year pediatric simulator.




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