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About Academic Program Review Office (APRO):

There are more than sixty-five Bachelor degree programs offered by nine colleges at Sultan Qaboos University. As part of the University quality assurance processes and to satisfy professional requirements, some colleges such as the College of Engineering, the College of Medicine & Health Sciences, the College of Education and the College of Nursing have received accreditation of its programs by accrediting bodies such as ABET, WFME, NCATE, and ACEN. In addition, as per university policy issued in 2014, it is required that all programs at the university undergo program review. Programs at SQU have to undergo a process of Program Review every six years. The Academic Program Review Office has been established to administer the Program Review Process. As per the University Policy, APRO is managed by a Director in the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Community Service in coordination with the Quality Assurance Office. 


Director’s Message:

I would like to welcome you to the APRO website. This website contains useful information and resources you need for the process of reviewing your program. Every year, our Office prepares a list of programs that have been approved by the Academic Council to undergo program review. In addition, the APRO organizes an Orientation presentation on the APR process at the beginning of every academic year as well as workshop on Student Outcome Assessment.
The APR Guidelines explains in details the Review Process and will guide you to prepare the review of your program. A template can be downloaded from the website to prepare your Program Self Study Report.
I hope you find this website useful.


Prof Ali Al Harthy

Prof Ali S. Al Harthy
Director, Academic Program Review Office.

Objectives of APR:

Academic Program Review is an opportunity for the department to assess its objectives and operations with the ultimate goal of improving the program. The University Council issued on 26th May 2014 Decision No. 32/2013-2014 approving the Academic Program Review (APR) Policy for Sultan Qaboos University. The Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Community Services through the APR Office administers the Academic Program Review process. 

According to SQU Academic Program Review Policy, the objectives of the APR:

  • Align academic programs with SQU mission and objectives
  • Appraise the effectiveness of academic programs in achieving student outcomes
  • Assist in enhancing and improving the program
  • Assist in planning the future of the program
  • Comply with national and international quality standards

The APR process will bring many benefits, such as:

  • Disseminate good practice amongst SQU academic programs
  • Assure the public of SQU graduates’ qualification
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Prepare academic programs for accreditation


 Review Panel Site Visit    Oct. and Nov. each year 
 Submission of Self Study Report (SSR) to APRO    May 31st each year
 Submission of SSR to Review Panel    June 15th each year
 List of Panel nominees to APRO    February 28th each year  


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