SQU Graduate Attributes

A. SQU graduates should be able to

  1. apply the knowledge and skills relevant to the specialization
  2. communicate effectively and use information and communication technologies
  3. critical analysis of complex information and present it in  simple legible manner


B. SQU graduates possess

  1. personal skills and alignment with culture of international labour market to assist them in practical life and in living successfully
  2. skills and motivation to independent learning and engagement in lifelong learning and research
  3. work ethics and positive values, and enjoy intellectual independence and autonomy
  4. teamwork skills and display potential leadership qualities


C. SQU graduates should relish good citizenship qualities, conscious of their national identity and socially responsible, engage in community affairs and mindful of contemporary issues.

SQU Postgraduate Attributes

Upon graduating from an SQU postgraduate program, graduates should be able to:

  1. Apply advanced comprehensive skills and knowledge in the area of their specialization and demonstrate the ability to transfer these across various fields.
  2. Communicate effectively with specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  3. Find, collect, analyze, critically assess, synthesize and manage high-level, reliable information from a variety of sources using appropriate skills and technologies.
  4. Demonstrate the individual and collaborative skills necessary for designing and implementing research activities using appropriate methodologies, and the ability to analyze results and disseminate findings.
  5. Exercise critical thinking in relation to ethical and cultural behavior, research, and professional issues in local and global contexts.
  6. Demonstrate positive attitudes towards independent and continuous professional development and lifelong learning.
  7. Demonstrate leadership skills, responsibility and the ability to have a positive influence on others, especially in areas related to their specialization.