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  • Electro Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Landscaping & Irrigation
  • Cleaning & Pest Control
  • Stores & Keys
  1. General maintenance for the equipment, transformers, switchgears and control units.
  2. Preventive maintenance for the electrical distribution boards and substation networks.
  3. General maintenance for fire alarms and firefighting equipment.
  4. Design and implements mini-projects.
  5. Implement and introduce new work proposals for the new projects.
  6. Extension for the telephones, networks and power lines.
  7. Update as-built drawings periodically.
  8. Prepare the electrical works requirements and provide the consultants with information that are required to be implemented in the new projects.
  9. Keep the safety procedure for the works.
  10. Receive telephone calls complaints and faults of maintenance works.
  11. Repairing metal works for cupboards, beds, tables and doors.
  12. Fix metal poles and gates.
  13. Repairing and maintaining of water heaters.
  14. Repairing and maintaining of boilers.
  15. Repairing and maintaining of water tanks.
  16. Repairing and maintaining of cold rooms, refrigeration rooms at Colleges and Central preparation area.
  17. Repairing and maintaining of street lights, corridor lights, and its associated units.
  18. Repairing and maintaining of internal lightings.
  19. Repairing and maintaining of electrical elevators (Lifts).
  20. Control the flow of materials.
  21. Repairing and maintaining of stand-by Generators.
  22. Participation and preparation of the amphitheater requirements in regards of electromechanical and civil works for graduation ceremony.
  23. Participation and preparation of internal and external of exhibition halls and conference halls for various functions.
  24. Coordinating with government agencies and private sector for electricity, water and waste disposals.
  25. Taking meter readings of electricity, water and natural gas consumptions in conjunction with energy conservation program.
  26. Supervising and monitoring of laundry equipments.
  27. Monitoring and repairing of housing refrigeration units.
  28. Monitoring and repairing of water coolers at Faculty and Students residences area.
  29. Monitoring and repairing of domestic kitchen gas cooker and oven in housing areas.
  30. Monitoring and repairing of ice making machines.
  31. Monitoring and repairing of central air-conditioning system.
  32. Monitoring and repairing of window air-conditioning system.
  33. Monitoring and operating main water pumps.
  34. Monitoring and operating the swimming pools.
  35. Monitoring and operating water features like fountains and falajs.
  36. Monitoring and operating sewage treatment plant (STP).
  37. General maintenance of kitchen equipments such as, water boiler, ovens, grilles, vegetables cutting machines, potato peelers, dishwashing machine and other electrically operated kitchen equipments, etc.
  38. Supervising the Contractor for operation and maintenance works.
  39. General supervision of Incinerators operation and maintenance works.
  40. Daily checking of University (SQU) buildings such as Faculty, Centers, Students residences and Staff housing.
  41. General maintenance of gas and water pipes for rust and corrosions.
  42. Following the execution of works request from administration and faculty departments.
  43. Monitoring and maintaining spares parts issuance and stock levels for electromechanical and associated civil elements.
  44. Monitoring of all electrical and telephone cables.
  45. Processing payments and recommending payments for completed works of contractors to Finance Department for necessary action.
  46. Preparing and amending contracts of electro-mechanical Operation and Maintenance works (O&M) for three (3) years period.
  47. Studying and analyzing tender submitted by contractors for operation and maintenance of electromechanical works.
  1. Maintenance of Male and Female Residences.
  2. Maintenance of all Employees’ Residence, inside and outside of the University.
  3. Maintenance of the Administration Building, Colleges and other Departments in the University.
  4. Maintain all the Furniture which belongs to the University, inside and outside of the campus.
  5. Providing Labor-supply for all University Departments.
  6. Making special furniture that cannot be found in outside markets .
  7. Construction of small projects like rooms, partition wall with doors, false ceilings, guardhouse, etc..
  8. Helping the University Units in the preparation of some activities like exhibition, inside and outside the University.
  9. Preparation for the annul graduation ceremony in Amphitheater.
  10. Maintain the walkway and pathway inside the University.
  11. Maintenance of Staff Housing inside the campus including renovation of all kitchen worktops.
  12. Maintenance of roof slab and corrugated sheet protecting from leaking, heat and humidity.
  13. Painting of Staff Housing, Female Residence, Colleges and other Departments.
  14. Maintain and repair of culverts and rainwater channel inside the university.
  15. Maintenance and Construction of boundary wall and perimeter fence.
  16. Maintain sign boards, road barriers and bollards inside the University.
  17. Fabrication and installation of Sign Boards, Road Signs and Directional Signs within the University premises.


The main responsibility of this section is to give a good view to the University landscaped area in order to provide a suitable educational environment through improvement of the landscaping areas by entering new varieties, techniques ad increasing the University green land. The responsibilities of this section can be divided as followed:

A.    Routine maintenance works

  1. Preparation of necessary programs for routine works of whole agricultural operations.
  2. Providing all necessaries for graduation function, which includes indoor plants and flowers pots for VIPs, rooms and Amphitheatre stage.
  3. Providing indoor plants for university buildings.
  4. Chemical spraying and fertilizing of (1750) date palms.
  5. Providing flowers pots, indoor plants for university functions.
  6. Preparation of seasonal flowers beds.
  7. Supervising all agricultural operations for maintenance works according to the prepared annual schedules which includes: grass cutting, fertilization operations, trimming, soil aeration, improving the soil, pesticide spraying, new plantation, stakes adjustment.
  8. General cleaning.
  9. Checking, repairing and replacing irrigation spare parts during the progress of the periodical maintenance programme and these operations in detail are:
    • Cleaning, greasing and painting of solenoid valves covers.
    • Checking, repairing and replacing controller’s and valve assembly parts.
    • Checking and replacing sprinklers, spray heads, bubblers and drippers.
    • Connecting the valves to the irrigation control system.

Also the section is surveying all plants and irrigation materials periodically for preparing the contract of Landscaping and irrigation services.


B.     Landscape Projects

The section in cooperation with project unit, studying and commenting on landscape and irrigation work’s drawings of university projects. In addition to preparing and reviewing the conditions, specifications and bills of quantity, and the most important projects were supervised by the section.

  • Study and analysis of the tenders pricing on cleaning and pest control and making the comments about them.
  • Reviewing schedules and programs of works submitted by cleaning contractor.
  • Make reports about company performances in cleaning and pest control.
  • Remove the rubbish and residues, which might affect the beauty of the university.
  • Make organizing with other university sections regarding cleaning of the buildings.
  • Make sure that all buildings are securely closed after cleaning.
  • Controlling all animals and insects, which might affect the health of the peoples.
  • Preparing the new tender for cleaning and pest control each three years.
  • Make sure the cleaning contactor are using chemical, which will not damage the environment.

A. Stores:

  • To arrange the materials on the shelves according to the use and type.
  • Keep all unused materials at the Auction Yard for sale.
  • Store and keep records of returned materials from new projects.

B. Keys:

  • Repair the defected locks.
  • Replace old locks with new locks.
  • Store all copies of keys and make record of whole University.
  • Issue of new keys, Additional keys, Duplicate keys.
  • Open the doors, cupboards and drawers in case of emergency.
  • Issuing and store all Core Keys and keep records.
  • Maintain the keys machine.
  • Maintain all locks in the Campus and also for buildings rented by University (Off Campus).
  • Make reports for the keys issued and the locks maintained.
  • Check the system of locks for new Projects and the tree of the keys.