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The Procurement Department is one of the important executive Departments that report to the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administrative & Financial Affairs. The responsibility of the Department is to manage and execute the procurement requests of the University except the Hospital, including management of the tendering and contract processes. And due to the increasing magnitude & diversity of work, the Department has committed to continuously improve and simplify the procurement process so as to make it as efficient and effective as possible, but in line with the pertaining laws and regulations. The Department also operates as a link between the different university units and the suppliers to follow up status of Purchase Orders and Contracts and resolve issues hindering execution of the same.


To excel in providing Procurement Services to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.



Providing high quality Procurement Services with the lowest possible cost and shortest time.



- Maintaining continuous contact with stakeholders as partners in achieving our objectives.

- Preparing qualified staff that work together in a team spirit according to the Vision, Mission, Goals, Value, and Principles of the Department.

- Ensuring availability of the required implements such as devices, programs, systems and smart applications to create and maintain motivation work environment.

- Continuing simplification and improvement of work processes and encouraging initiatives that help reaching this goal.


Values and Principles

Integrity, Fairness, Transparency and Compliance with the rules & regulations pertaining to the Procurement process.


  • Coordination & Follow-up Section
  • Machinery & Equipment Section
  • Tenders & Contracts Section
  • Tickets Section
  • Chemical & Laboratory Supplies Section
  • Furniture Section
  • Books & Publications Section
  • Invoices Section
  • Commodities Section

floated tenders

Contact us:

Coordination & Follow-up Section
Ext: 5271/5250

Tel: 2414 5271    / 2414 5250

P.O.Box 49, Postal Code: 123, Al Khoud

Fax: 24413178


 Machinery & Equipment Section , Section Head
Ext: 5283
Tel: 2414 5283


Tenders & Contracts Section, Section Head
Ext: 5254
Tel:  2414 5254  


Tickets Section, Section Head
Ext: 5263
Tel: 2414 5263



Chemical & Laboratory Supplies Section, Section Head
Tel: 2414 5259  



Furniture Section, Section Head
Ext: 5272
Tel: 2414 5272   

Books & Publications Section, Section Head
Ext: 5282
Tel: 2414 5282


Invoices Section, Section Head
Ext: 5260
Tel: 2414 5260


Commodities Section, Section Head
Ext: 5266
Tel: 2414 5266