Academic Council

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Academic Council Duties and Responsibilities

The academic Council shall exercise the following duties and term of references as stipulated in article (17) of Sultan Qaboos University Charter.

  • To propose general policies pertaining to teaching and research at the University.
  • To propose regulations for student’s affairs and academic affairs.
  • To organize issues related to undergraduate and postgraduate studies, research, students, and academic staff affairs, examinations, grades and scientific certificates.
  • To decide on the nomenclature of academic degrees awarded by the University and specify their equivalencies of foreign degrees.
  • To recommend the award of degrees and scientific certificate to University Council.
  • To propose the introduction or abolition of academic posts and recommend promotion of academic staff.
  • To express its opinion on the University’s annual budget.
  • To express its opinion on the University’s executive regulations.

The following items of article (13) of SQU Executive Regulation shall also be exercised:

  • Study and propose general policies for undergraduate and postgraduate studies and research.
  • Propose the establishment, or cancellation or change the names of colleges, institutes and departments, establishment of centers, merge, cancellation, or change the name of any of them in the framework of the general policy of the Country.
  • Consider the recommendations of College Boards and Administrative committees, and express its view about them.
  • Express its views on all of what can help in achieving the objectives of the university and its mission and strategy.
  • Propose regulations and policies for quality assurance in teaching and academia in general.
Membership of the Academic Council

 Article (16) of SQU Charter stipulates the composition of the Academic Council as follow:

  • The Vice-Chancellor- Chairman.
  • The Deputy Vice Chancellors - Members.
  • The Deans - Members .
  • Four Academic Staff appointed by the Vice-Chancellor alternately for a period of one year, and renewable once - Members.

In addition, the council may consult experts in fields related to the university objectives. The Council has the authority to set up permanent or ad hoc committees and entrust them to carry out specific studies on issues related to its duties and submit recommendations to the Council.

Academic Council Meetings

At the invitation of its chairman the Academic Council meets at least once every two months, and it may be called for a meeting whenever necessary.