Monday, April 27, 2015
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The College of Education, through its teaching activities and programs, aims to serve the community by producing graduates of the highest caliber and keeping abreast with the latest pedagogical developments regionally and internationally. More specifically, it seeks to provide highly-qualified teachers to work in the constantly expanding General Education system, using the latest methods and techniques. The College is also concerned to exchange experience and expertise with other comparable organizations in the region and abroad and co-ordinate research activities in the fields of education and psychology.

The College of Education aspires to be a professional and contemporary center of excellence that contributes to the quality of life, prosperity of society and inculcating its values.

The College of Education is committed to preparing distinguished graduates in teaching, counseling, and research through bachelor and post-graduate programs; and to be a center of excellence that serves the community and fosters its values and its sustainable development on the basis of scientific.


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