Transportation outside SQU

A student’s budget for transportation may depend on how far he/she lives from the University.  If a student is living in Al-Khoud  a place nearest to SQU) the fare will range from RO .300 - .500 baiza only.

Licensed taxi are painted in orange and white and do not use a meter. Taxis work on two bases: ‘engaged’ which means you take the taxi for your own ride till you arrive to your destination.  This option is of course more expensive.  The other base is  known as ‘shared’ in which you can have other passengers riding the taxi with you which makes the fare cheaper.


Transportation inside SQU

Transportation such as buses are available and free inside the university campus.  Free campus buses are painted in red and green. There are buses for male students and buses for female students.  Mini buses with the SQU logo are also available free for people going from the SQU Hospital to the FAMCO clinic.


transportation outside SQU map