HE Dr. Ali Saud Al-Bemani



Dr. Ali Al-Bimani is the 5th Vice Chancellor of the Sultan Qaboos University from 12th February 2008 to 2nd July 2020. Upon completion of his Bachelor studies from the University of Texas, Austin, 1980; Dr. Al-Bimani was appointed as a Petroleum Engineer at Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), from 1980 to 1985. Subsequently, when he moved to Sultan Qaboos University in 1986, his vast accomplishments commenced as he pursued his master’s & PhD at the University of Southern California during 1986-1992. After completion of his post-graduate studies, he became an academician in the Department of Petroleum & Chemical Engineering in the College of Engineering, and then eventually became the Head of the Department. He was then he was chosen to be the assistant to the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies and Research at SQU, then the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Community Services.Thence, he was appointed to be the University’s Vice Chancellor.

Dr. Al-Bimani has a notable research background with numerous scientific publications, in international reputable journals, encyclopedia entries, conference proceedings, technical reports for various organizations in Oman and overseas, as well as other achievements.

He still takes pleasure in continuing the involvement in teaching and research and contributes energetically to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in various fields of his study even as a Vice Chancellor. He is also a member of many internal and external, academic, and planning committees in which he participates in important decision-making roles.

Dr. Al-Bimani has made many academic contributions relevant to higher education by serving in many Organizations and Councils as Oman Council for Education, the Research Council, Oman Medical Specialty Board, Board of Trustees for Colleges of Applied Sciences, Board of Trustees for Sharia College, and Committees like the Executive Committee for University of Oman Project, the Supreme Committee for the Generations College of Science Craft Industries and Professions, and the National Committee of Bioethics. All these contributions have played a significant role in the advancement of the Sultan Qaboos University status. As a Vice Chancellor, Dr. Bimani has introduced several innovative ideas for the University and he has accomplished several projects including developing new Policies at SQU.He also did major strides in increasing awareness of Bioethics at the University and in the country. 



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