Investment and Revenue Department

SQU's unwavering commitment to investment has become abundantly clear, recognizing its paramount importance in supporting the foundations of academia and research development for our future. As a result, the University has taken proactive measures to foster an environment conducive to investment, offering various facilities and incentives to encourage self-reliance and progress.

With this trajectory in mind, the establishment of the Department for Investment and Revenue at SQU has been announced. This dedicated department is driven by a profound mission – to enhance the University's internal revenues and explore novel sources of income across diverse domains.

Our team at the Investment and Revenue Department is resolutely committed to fulfilling this mission. Drawing upon the collective expertise, human resources, and services within the University, we strive to achieve excellence in our endeavors. We endeavor to reinvest the generated revenue, leveraging our financial assets to maximize return. By cultivating an enabling investment environment, we aim to secure commensurate revenue to bolster academia, teaching, and community services.

As part of the greater vision, the Investment and Revenue Department wholeheartedly aligns with The Sultanate of Oman's journey towards 'Zero Emissions' by 2050. In this pursuit, we proactively seek and encourage investments in projects related to the environment, sustainability, and climate change. We believe that fostering sustainable practices is not only crucial for the future of our University but also for the betterment of our local and global community.

To achieve our objectives, we are dedicated to crafting a practical investment model, which will be communicated effectively across various University units. By doing so, we aim to elevate productivity and ensure efficient revenue collection. Our investment decisions are rooted in well-structured feasibility studies to ensure the realization of reasonable monetary returns.

Our ultimate aspiration is to create an environment of prosperity at our esteemed University, where innovation and progress thrive. Together, we envision a brighter future, where SQU stands at the forefront of positive change and sustainable development.



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Vision & Mission


Investing in University's properties and services by exploiting sustainable investment opportunities available in University and by attracting external investments to increase the revenues that will enable the University in the future to cover and fund its expenditures internally.


Creating a sustainable investment environment compatible with the University’s Academic/ Research mission through investing, and marketing properties as well as services to get the best revenues.

Responsibilities of the Department

  1. To establish policies, strategic plans, management procedures, and to follow-up the implementation of SQU investments.
  2. To propose an investment management system for the funds.
  3. To propose organizational plans and ensure implementation of major investment projects proposed by the University.
  4. To provide service support for different decision-making activities of major investment projects making sure it adheres to the Investment and Revenue Policies.
  5. To draft investment plans, which ensures the achievement of the objectives of the Investment Committee. 
  6. To maintain the level of revenues as determined in the investment plans.
  7. Take charge in managing the feasibility study, feasibility assessment, post-project evaluation, and organization of strategic investment projects approved by the Investment Committee.
  8. Prepare periodic reports on the status of all investments.
  9. Submit to the Vice-Chancellor a comprehensive audited report on the output of investments presenting the revenues credited to the University.
  10. To ensure the confidentiality and proper filing of all contracts, records, and other documents.
Departmant Structure











The Investment & Revenue Department


Tel: 24142691 – 24142682 – 24142685


Investment regulations at Sultan Qaboos University
Department location


To reach the  IRD office location , please scan QR code .

Department Services

Coordination, follow-up and archiving Section

Tel: 24142682-24142716


Revenue and Expenses Section

Tel: 24142691


Investment and Marketing Section

Tel: 24142685-24142684


  • Coordination, Follow- up and Archiving Section
  • Investment and Marketing Section
  • Revenue and Expenses Section
  • Economic Studies Section
  • Endowments and Donations Section

It is responsible to keep all documents and correspondences recorded. Coordinate between all sections in the Department.


  1. Prepare correspondences, records, meetings, and document archiving.
  2. Follow-up investment payments according to contracts.
  3. Follow-up dividends, bond proceeds and exit from investments.
  4. Prepare purchase orders and payments in accordance with the standards and procedures approved.
  5. Prepare periodic reports on the investment portfolio operations follow-up.
  6. Record all investment transactions.
  7. Keep records of financial and accounting documents of investment operations and assets.
  8. Prepare periodic reports on the results of operations of the investment portfolios.
  9. Provide the required data and documents to the relevant parties.
  10. Follow-up of bank accounts and prepare bank reconciliations.
  11. Monitor the available and anticipated cash flows of funds.

Responsible to prepare all marketing strategies and the University’s portfolio to acquire investments from various sectors.


  1. Create an investment management system.
  2. Follow-up local and international markets and prepare the required studies in different sectors.
  3. Search for investment opportunities for funds and make the required recommendations thereon and follow-up implementation after approval.
  4. Prepare studies on available and alternative investment opportunities.
  5. Follow-up on impending funds investment portfolios and prepare recommendations for the exit from certain investments.
  6. Prepare periodic reports on the investment portfolio operations.
  7. Follow-up and coordinate the management of financial resources according to the investment needs in relation to the investment plan.
  8. Receive proposals from investors/companies and assist the committee during the evaluation process.
  9. Ensure that all contracts and other documents are organized and safely kept.
  10.  To take charge of SQU’s marketing investment promotion in various forms of media.

Taking charge of all the Investment and Revenue Department financial affairs and its transactions. It assesses the Department’s financial reports including its expenditure and compiles them into an annual comprehensive report.


  1. To maintain all financial affairs of the Department ranging from acquired investments, expenses in the process and the revenue from each investment.
  2. To maintain a record of all investment transactions.
  3. To provide efficient delivery of services within the contracts from various sectors.
  4. To prepare all necessary billings and vouchers to investor/companies.
  5. To give permission to pay contractors and suppliers according to the contracts and as per the progress of work.
  6. To prepare the annual budget of the Department.
  7. To ensure that all financial aspects of every contract are as per SQU regulations.
  8. To ensure the confidentiality and update of all financial records.
  9. To ensure the completeness of all transactions and to secure the records of these transactions in the event of transfer/suspension/removal or dismissal.
  10. To Make sure that all SQU documents and properties are protected under any contract.

It is responsible for all researches, studies, and assessment in SQU’s investments. Making sure that every transaction is in accordance with the terms agreed and coordinated in all areas.


  1. To conduct researches and studies that help in increasing SQU’s investment revenues.
  2. To assess the impact of each investment on SQU’s profile.
  3. Participate in the preparation of investment studies relevant to real estate investment.
  4. Supervise and follow-up real estate projects.
  5. Follow-up the operational position of the proposed real estate investment operations, and prepare reports thereon.
  6. Follow-up and prepare reports on suppliers and contractors contracts.
  7. Take the required procedures for real estate lease and the collection of rents.
  8. Supervise periodic and emergency of properties.
  9. Follow-up of real estate investment payments according to contracts.
  10. To take charge of feasibility studies and market assessments of potential investment.

Taking charge of SQU’s Endowments and Donations received.             


  1. To seek donations for SQU’s projects/investments in accordance with SQU’s rules and regulations.
  2. Receive endowments from various sectors, companies or individuals.
  3. To liaise with the donors during the process of donation.
  4. To create a network that could be increasing the contribution of various sectors and companies in SQU’s donations and endowment.
  5. To ensure that SQU’s policy of endowment and donations is strictly followed.
  6. To prepare an annual report on the status of endowments and donations funds.
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