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Welcome to the website of the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, one of eight colleges at Sultan Qaboos University. The sustainable utilization of the Sultanate's renewable agricultural and marine resources for food production, food processing and conservation are of main focus of the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences (CAMS).

Our Vision

Our vision is to be among the top applied biosciences colleges in the Middle East region recognized internationally for excelling in agricultural and marine science education and research while contributing substancially to national and regional development.

Our Mission

Develop human resources to meet challenges in producing food while conserving the natural environment and biodiversity, in processing food to add value, and to trading food to ensure food security in Oman
Find solutions to issues of strategic importance through basic and applied research and disseminate knowledge to the Omani and International communities which will result in continuous improvements to the quality of life
Coordinate career guidance for students at CAMS, provide continuous education for professionals in CAMS and the wider community, and consult private and public sector agencies to facilitate progress of a knowledge-based society
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News - Events
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National Conference on Agriculture & Fisheries Research for Development - Sunday, November 24, 2013
National Conference on Agriculture and Fisheries Research for Development, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, 24-26 March 2014, Muscat, Oman
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Summer Semester Registration - Monday, April 9, 2012
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