Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service
Welcome Message from the Assistant Dean

The strategy of the Assistance Dean for Training and Community Services is to apply the knowledge and resources learned at College of Economics and Political Science to strengthen the communities around us. It is our role to prepare committed citizens to help overcome the challenges facing the communities in Oman today and in the future. Our dedicated faculty and staff are ready to apply their knowledge, expertise and leadership skills to support the communities. Engaging CEPS students in different community services and activities instills their citizenship and gives a sense of inspiration and pride.

Collaborations with industry and international universities across the globe provide CEPS students ample opportunities to get the international exposure through exchange programs and international internships. Furthermore, the ADTCS arrange for workshops to provide hands-on training and guest lectures by eminent professionals from industry for CEPS students. The college is committed to produce the next generation of leaders to Oman who can make a change in the society.
I look forward to working with our students, alumni and faculty and I’m very happy to help all of you in your education and professional development.