Community Engagements
  • Used Books Charity Fair
  • Library for Society Initiative
  • Husn Competition

Every year the College conducts its annual used books exhibition. This is a community service project in which the college aims to encourage reading, knowledge dissemination and sharing of books. The College reaches out to the community to donate their used books, which they no longer need. The College then collects, categorizes, prices and sells these books to other interested readers.


Every year the exhibition takes place in Muscat City Centre. The revenues from the exhibition are donated to one of the non-profit organisations in the community. Organisations that have benefited from this have included for example, Oman Institute for the Blind, The Cancer Society, The Handicapped Society, and others. The 9th Charity Book Fair was held on February 14 and 16, 2019. However, the next date for the event has not been decided due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Library for Society programme consists of a package of activities and functions at the CEPS library. This event is aimed at schools, childcare organisations and summer centres. The objective is to promote a passion for reading and raise students’ capabilities in self-education as well as transforming the student from a knowledge consumer to knowledge producer.

In addition, the event encourages participants to visit libraries and respect the intellectual contributions of authors, publishers and inventors. It also teaches students good social habits through cooperation, respect of rules and regulations, and procurement of basic skills for using the libraries, so that CEPS graduates generations of educated and responsible people. The programme carries the logo “Those who read in childhood, grow up a wise man.” The programme provides snacks, lunch and dinner for all participants. In 2019, a total of 216 students from 9 different schools participated in the programme.

The College organizes an annual cypersecurity competion named "HUSN" competition. The competition  aims to spread awareness in the field of cybersecurity in addition to engaging students in practical competitions that contribute to refining their skills and enabling them to explore other new avenues in this field.

In its first and second editions, the competition targeted students affiliated with Sultan Qaboos University, and then expanded in its third edition to include students affiliated with all higher education institutions. The 2021 edition included all students affiliated with various public and higher education institutions in Oman, in order to enable all students to benefit from the experience of participation, enhance the spirit of competition among them, and develop their capabilities in the field of cybersecurity.


The Capture the Flag competition includes many challenges under 5 main areas: website security, network security, cryptography, reverse engineering, and digital forensics. The competition is considered one of the global digital competitions in which contestants participate to explore the security holes planted in the challenges specially designed for the competition.